We’re still learning about how badly tornadoes tore up large parts of the South last week. I don’t begrudge federal assistance going to people who lost homes and loved ones. However, I do wish anyone receiving federal assistance (or state assistance funded by federal grants) could be required to sign an affidavit acknowledging they are being helped by the federal government, and if Republicans get their way there won’t be any help after the next tornado.

The pathetic Gov. Rick “Secession Now” Perry threw a hissy fit because President Obama was paying more attention to Alabama than to Mississippi. “What about our fires?” he asked. However,

Texas has already gotten at least $39 million in firefighting aid from FEMA over the past two fire seasons and has already received 22 grants in this fire season alone.

Perhaps Gov. Perry wasn’t aware how much his state depended on handouts from the feds. OK, so no more money for Texas until Perry signs an affidavit acknowledging what the Big Bad Federal Gubmit is giving Texas.

2 thoughts on “Ingrates

  1. Poor Governor ‘Goodhair Growing on a Fallow Head’ Perry.
    And he prayed to Jesus and everything!
    He even had the whole state praying to Jesus! Officially!
    And Jesus didn’t come through.
    Instead, Jesus decided to smite some nearby states with winds and redirected money from Texas’ Hell-fires to them.

    Maybe, Gov, you didn’t pray for the right thing when you prayed for rain?
    Maybe you should pray for tornado’s, Gov. I understand there’s usually a lot of rain that accompanies them.*

    This guy’s pretty needy for a secesh bastard, eh?
    What ever happened to Galtian self-reliance?

    *Obviously, I’m kidding. I wouldn’t wish any of this on anyone.

  2. As much as I agree with you…Please, don’t take our governors idiocy out on all of us Texans. Some of us have followed the Texas conservatives cries for secession with total disbelief. How do they expect to keep taxes so low in Texas if they want to leave the nation that is giving them so much in the way of monetary help.

    But as Molly always said, they make for a hell of a show.

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