Today’s Signs and Wonders

Today is the special election in New York’s 26th district that is being billed as a kind of litmus test on public reaction to the Ryan budget. Nate Silver makes no predictions and urges caution when interpreting results. A close win by either the Republican or the Democrat shouldn’t be taken as a predictor of anything, Nate says.

Of course, a narrow win for the Republican will be interpreted by Republicans as a mandate to go ahead and dismantle Medicare. A narrow win for the Democrat will be interpreted by Republicans as a fluke.

More doubling down — Eric Cantor actually thinks Paul Ryan should run for president.

Wooly mammoth sighting — will Rudy Giuliani get in the race?

8 thoughts on “Today’s Signs and Wonders

  1. Speaking about wooly mammoth sighting’s, I saw their last, last great white hope, Fred Thompson, doing a reverse-mortgage ad on TV yesterday. He’s making Abe Vigoda look like chipper young lad.

    And yes, please, pretty please, with a cherry on it, let that earnest young dimwit Ryan run for President, hauling his Medicare elimination plan like a lodestone on the campaign trail.
    Only in a House full of Boehner’s, Cantor’s, Pence’s, Goemert’s, the King’s, etc, can this knuckledragging moron be considered an intellectual beacon.
    Well, you know, in the land of the blind, an eye patch-wearing, one-eyed, nearsighted, one-legged pig with cataracts and glasses could be King.

  2. Wooly mammoth in a lovely tiara, you mean! (Bring it on, Rudy. The more the merrier!)

    I was amused to read on HuffPo of dirty tricks between the GOP candidate in the NY-26 race, Ms. Corwin, and her Tea Party opponent, Mr. Davis (“running a distant third”). I’d say that honeymoon is way over.

  3. Somewhat OT (Ryan is quoted in the video), be sure to see the video, Ayn Rand or Jesus? Can you imagine if this were shown in every Christian church? This is the opening (one of them) that the (religious) left has been looking for.

  4. Paulie won’t have to go to the Congressional gym for a workout tonight..He got his workout doing standing ovations for Bibi. Two sets of twelve reps should really tone those washboard abs. Too bad Newt didn’t join in on the Netanyahu workout plan..he looks like he could afford to hit the sit-up trail.

  5. Nice video, moonbat!..Somebody should push that point..Maybe a commercial where the Lord God asks Paulie if he has heard the suffering cries of his children, and Paulie responds with a..” I heard not,am I your children’s keeper?”

  6. Oh, I got a kick out of Paulie talking about the morality of capitalism. Doesn’t he know that there is no morailty in capitalism? It’s kill or be killed! Unless the concept of ‘never give a sucker an even break” carries with it some implication of morality.

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