Memorial Day

See also “A Memorial Day Look at Afghanistan.”

Elsewhere — Breitbart has been pushing a hoax story about Anthony Weiner, and the dopey dupes in the Right Blogosphere are in a feeding frenzy over it. The genuinely scummy thing about this is that a young woman implicated in the story has become a target of the goon squad and has had her private life thoroughly demolished by the goons.

Righties — on the evolutionary tree somewhere between piranha and mosquitoes.

Update: Rep. Weiner hired an attorney.

Update: Jim Hoft descends to new lows of creepiness.

11 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. If this story was true, then Weiner would deserve to be punished.
    Having siad that, if (not at all) Breitbart told me the sky was blue, I’d run out to check to see if that was still true.
    If you read the Kos link, you’ll find that someone with a twitter account named “Patriotusa76” (with a picture of Reagan, no less) remarkably was “onto” the Weiner story weeks before the alleged photo was even sent.
    That boy shouldn’t be wasting time tweeting, he should be out buying lottery tickets!
    With a moniker like “Patriotusa76” and a picture of Reagan, does anyone doubt that this loser is the very poster child for the basement dwelling, Cheeto chomping, Mountain Dew slurping, internet porn hound, and Keyboard Kommando, whose only military experience is watching John Wayne movies and playing with his GI Joe’s, and who couldn’t get laid with a fistful of pardon’s in a womens prison – or a men’s one either?
    Yeah, me neither.

  2. Oops, my comment done got BBQ’d and eated!

    I think I know why – I used the term int*rnet p*rn, but I spelled it out.

  3. Some good pic’n on the video.. Some aspiring musician should capture the tune but modify the words to memorialize the loss we’re experiencing today..They could title it… The Vacant Paycheck …and sing of how they long to hold and caress it.

  4. The was written by a nineteen year old, some time ago of course:

    From Albert to Bapaume

    Lonely and bare and desolate,
    Stretches of muddy filtered green,
    A silence half articulate
    Of all that those dumb eyes have seen.

    A battered trench, a tree with boughs
    Smutted and black with smoke and fire,
    A solitary ruined house,
    A crumpled mass of rusty wire.

    And scarlet by each ragged fen
    Long scattered ranks of poppies lay,
    As though the blood of the dead men
    Had not been wholly washed away.

  5. Looking at the photos of Afghanistan, it occurred to me that the war hawkers in America should be ‘moved’ to Afghanistan to live – how about for a year.

    My Afghani friend has described to me the plight daily visited on the people of Afghanistan by the presence of foreign troops. If a person seems to be siding with the occupying troops, the Taliban is likely to annihilate him and his entire family. If a person seems to be siding with the Taliban, he’s likely to end up killed by occupying troops. Has this simple fact ever been considered by the military? Given how the military is running this war, it would seem not.

  6. I really don’t care if he did send a lewd picture of his d*** to some young girl who he was flirting with. Weiner is a rock-solid Progressive and we need him in the Congress.

    Heck, I would support Weiner for that reason if he had raped the young girl. LOL

    • Heck, I would support Weiner for that reason if he had raped the young girl. LOL

      Rape isn’t funny. But the more I learn about this, the more it appears Weiner was framed.

  7. Here’s hoping Breitbart et. al. f**cked with the wrong Congressman. I hope Weiner realizes that nailing Breitbart would make him a national hero.

  8. Mitch …Your comment doesn’t sit well with me. I see you as more of a conservative troll than a progressive supporter..It’s sort of a two steps forward and one step back while you leave negative unfounded assertions in your tracks.

  9. Mitch,
    Swami’s right. Mitch’s a troll. And a really nasty one.
    No caring person would ever say a thing like that, unless it was to troll for misguided people who agree – and then try to use that to frame the discussion as if Weiner’d get our support if he committed rape.

    If he did send that photo out, he deserves to be punished.

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