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Tim Pawlenty gave an economic speech in which he laid out his bold! serious! plans for growing the economy.

I’ll bet you’ll never guess .. OK, you guessed. Cut taxes.

Then, once we get the taxes cut he wants a constitutional amendment that not only requires a balanced budget but which caps federal spending at some percentage of GDP. And he wants the Environmental Protection Agency to be privatized and some other stuff. And then the Free Market Fairy will come and put a 5 percent annual growth rate under our pillows.

As Ezra Klein says, it’s a joke.

Update: From Think Progress:

These proposals, taken together would bestow a massive tax cut on the wealthiest people in the country. They would also reduce overall federal revenues to a such a low level that even if Pawlenty’s draconian, radical spending targets were achieved, deficits and debt would still soar out of control.

All together, Pawlenty’s tax proposal would generate an average revenue level of just 13.6 percent of GDP from 2013-2021. That translates to a tax cut of $7.8 trillion, and that’s on top of $2.5 trillion cost of extending all of the Bush tax cuts (see below for details on how this estimate was calculated).

Pawlenty also says that he will balance the budget, and cap spending at 18 percent of GDP. Unfortunately for Pawlenty, his tax plan leaves him about $8.4 trillion short.

Update: Even WaPo‘s Glenn Kessler calls bullshit on Pawlenty’s speech and gives it two Pinocchios.

20 thoughts on “Tim Speaks (Updated)

  1. Ah, Timmy the Bold….It’s nauseating to read how he’s gonna do wonders with his pie in the sky daydreams. It’s just more unadulterated bullshit on par with Herman Cain’s America Dream bullshit…nothing but hot air to dull the senses of the idiots who buy into that fluff.
    There’s an old expression that says: When you’re so wonderful you don’t have to tell people how wonderful you are..they’ll see it for themselves.

    Timmy is just blowing his horn to the tune of I’m gonna do wonders when you give me the power. He’s just another repuglican blowout who’s out there floundering without any hope of electability…a GOP asswipe!

  2. Privatizing the EPA is a novel idea.. I’ll have to dust off my thinking cap to figure out how that’s gonna work..Privatizing a regulatory agency? It looks to me as some sort of a contradiction on its face.

  3. OK, I’m going to bed now…but before I do, can anybody tell me why Mitch McConnell always looks like he just saw a ghost?

  4. Tim just proved (again) that he’s ‘Pawlenty’ stupid.

    Tim, where did you get the numbers?
    Did you pull them out of your own ass, or did you pull them from the ass of a 4th grader, since a 5th grader is smarter than that?
    And, if you did do that, is that a crime?

    As for privatizing things, how long before we do that to the EPA, the schools, the FBI, the CIA, the entire military, to all of government?
    Why not?
    It’s gonna happen sooner or later.
    After the SCOTUS’s “Citizens United” decision, we seem to have privatized elections.
    All politicians from now on will be on a “Lay Away Plan” until needed.

  5. Look at this chart of spending as a percent of GDP. 18% historical average??????????????


    Government spending was under 20% of GDP just prior to WWII. Spending exceeded 30% of GDP in 1970. The proposal of a Balanced Budget Amendment with an 18% cap on spending IS THE WHOLE PLAN.


    Federal spending at half the current level – and we can chew that bone any way we want because the fat cats will have low taxes – irrevocably!

    The big lie in the Plenty speech is being ignored in a discussion of trivia.

  6. Doug,
    Never mind SS or Medicare, increasing taxes appears to be the new 3rd rail in politics.

    And I’m really afraid that that may never change.

  7. Whenever I hear Tim’s name, I associate three words:

    Minneapolis bridge collapse.

    The more he talks, the easier it is to see how that tragedy happened.

  8. Another half-wit GOP charlatan. I guess there’s always room for one more in the crazy car. “Tim” indeed.

    • Perhaps this speech will change that.

      Only us politics junkies noticed it. But there’s plenty of stuff in it with which to ridicule Pawlenty Dim Tim going forward.

  9. Let’s see. Pawlenty stupid is playing to the supra wealthy. Palin is playing to the gun lovers (thus her interpretation of the Revere ride). Bachmann is playing to the tea baggers. Romney is playing to people who have big-time ADD. And then there’s Gingrich who’s just playing.

    The debates should be absolutely fascinating.

  10. Joanr16,
    With all due respect, ALL bridges in the U.S. are inspected at least every two years
    (mandate from the Fed. Dept of transportation), many are inspected yearly, some every 6 months. The failure in Minneapolis was due to hard to inspect details (in turn due to design). Immediately after the failure, structures of similar design were inspected to ease frayed nerves and protect the public.
    (large fines are levied on consultants and responsible parties if the inspections are not completed on time.)

    Also, be aware of the extreme conditions structures in Minnesota are subject to, and the on-going pavement resurfacing project at the time of the failure.
    The safety of our bridges is due to a really great inspection and maintenance program mandated by the fed.
    Sadly, failures (though rare) do happen.

  11. When I wrote “all bridges”, private bridges, and those under 20 ft long are exempt from the mandate.

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