No Deal

The White House kept saying there was no deal, and now John Boehner is saying there is no deal. All that self-righteous liberal hyperventilation has gone for naught. It could have been hooked up to a power generator and run some air conditioners, at least.

Boehner is kicking the can to the Senate, telling them it’s their turn to make a deal. And House Majority Leader Eric Cantor challenged Democrats to produce their own plan. I say the Dems should write a one-sentence declaration about raising the debt ceiling on a napkin, no strings attached, and submit it for a vote this afternoon. Call it “The Democratic Plan to Avert a Damnfool Calamity.”

If the New York Times article that touched off al the hyperventilation is correct, the President was at least holding out for a deal that would increase revenue in the future, with a “trigger” to go into effect if the deal were not met. Obama wanted the Bush tax cuts for the rich to expire. Boehner wanted the Affordable Care Act to be repealed.

In other words, it wasn’t gonna happen, anyway.

In other news — the Florida legislature has rejected more than $50 million in federal grant money for a child-abuse prevention program.

The money, offered through the federal Affordable Health Care Act passed last year, would have paid, among other things, for a visiting nurse program run by Healthy Families Florida, one of the most successful child-abuse prevention efforts in the nation. Healthy Families’ budget was cut in last year’s spending plan by close to $10 million.

And because the federal Race to the Top educational-reform effort is tied to the child-abuse prevention program that Healthy Families administers, the state may also lose a four-year block grant worth an additional $100 million in federal dollars, records show.

The Florida legislature would rather sell their children to pedophiles than touch one dime of Affordable Care Act money, apparently. This is what passes for “principle” in some quarters.

Also, the Right is fighting a recommendation that insurance carriers be required to cover all FDA-approved methods of contraception.

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17 thoughts on “No Deal

  1. Roh-row, Rastro!
    I felt it might come to this, and I commented a few weeks ago wondering if our Galtian Overlords may have figured out a way to make money even if our economy collapses. The great Karoli at C&L’s:

    As for FL, why would you take anything from “The Race to the Top,” when you’re in a race to the bottom?

    So, this is another place you decided to make your stand – on child abuse!
    Child abuse?
    OK, so it’s no longer PC to call people retards – but can we call them Teatards?

    Maybe these same legistlators suffered from child abuse, where their parents beat them on their heads causing the serious brain damage that made them become Conservative legislatures, and don’t want kids to be better off than they are.
    You know, it’s the old Conservative “thinking” – ‘Well, at least I’m better off than somebody! And if not, I want them to suffer at least as much as I did – hopefully more.’

    I have a new motto:
    “Help Prevent Child Abuse!
    The Child That’s Abused Today, May Turn Into the Conservative Legislator Who’ll Refuse Money to Prevent Child Abuse In the Future.”
    Not quite bumber sticker material, but I’ll work on it.

    How are these people Christian, and not f*cking evil?
    Other than saying that, I’m just at a loss for words.

  2. Back in the mid-1990s I almost moved to Florida. I’m very glad I decided to stay in NYC. It (and the State) ain’t perfect but they seem to be saner most of the time.

  3. PurpleGirl,
    Maybe if you had, and voted there in 2000, and worked the polls on election day, you could have corrected some of the people who left their chads hanging!

    So, I’m blaming the entire last 10+ years firmly at YOUR doorstep. 😉

  4. if our Galtian Overlords may have figured out a way to make money even if our economy collapses.

    I didn’t watch the video at C+L, but just a basic understanding of Disaster Capitalism says of course they will.

    One of my favorite comments of all time, posted many years ago at a blog I no longer remember, by a poster named “antifa” (for anti-fascism) was called “The Blowout”:

    This method of fiscal mismanagement is known as a ‘blowout’ in Mafia circles.

    You get into a company by hook or crook,
    you run up every possible line of credit,
    you sell all owned, leased and credit-bought assets at fire sale prices,
    you burn any insured buildings for that money,
    you watch the business crash and go bankrupt,
    your pals step in and buy up the few assets remaining — for pennies on the dollar,
    you go find another company to “invest in.”

    The bankrupting of the USA will not hurt the top 5% of our population in the least — their investments are fungible, and can be moved to any international currency or nation or assets. They can buy up the assets and companies of this nation for pennies on the dollar, and hire some of the hungry residents at slave wages to work them.

    The owners of this nation have no fear whatsoever of running it right off the rails.

    It’s an investment strategy.

    It’s not personal — it’s business.

  5. It’s not about the size of the debt, but the programs that are funded. The House bill (I think H.R. 2450) exempts defense spending, medicare, social security, and interest on the debt from its application, at least this year. Its what left which would have been cut if the bill passed.. The requirement for the constitution to be amended with a requirement to balance the budget and require over 60% of votes to raise taxes is of course nonsense.

  6. If I were a Floridian, I’d be livid, and organizing to take the state back into human hands again.

  7. Perhaps “self-righteous liberal hyperventilation” is required. Either Obama wants to give away the store on Medicaid, Medicare, and SS or he’s just role playing for effect. If this is part of 11-dimensional chess, then liberals need to react as expected because if they just lie down, it will throw the whole plan out of whack. If not, then I’m glad they’re raising hell. Anyone recall something about a “public option?”

    A clean bill to raise the debt ceiling would be the best outcome, like congress did under Bush II seven times.

    The “do nothing option” on the Bush tax cuts has them expiring in 2013. Works for me.

  8. No worries, Lynn.
    Floridians have buyer’s remorse over the new guvna, and when the blue hairs find how badly they are gonna get hammered they will be out in force on their hover-rounds and walkers, yeah, it’s gonna get ugly.
    The current group will screw things up so bad that they will be shown the door.

  9. In other words, we’ll be feeling the rug burns long after the sweet talk has ended.

  10. Unless he’s changed his mind, Eric Cantor has a lot of money bet on the debt not being raised.

  11. moonbat …Wasn’t or isn’t that method called blowout the same technique used by corporate raiders back in the late eighties..Carl Icahn comes to mind..Maybe he didn’t burn the buildings like the mafia, but he certainly sucked the life and money out of viable corporations only to leave them parted out and bankrupt.

  12. There is such a disconnect in the Republican quarters. They say we must run the country like a business. I disagree with that; but, leave that for now. All good businesses have to have money coming in. The only way the Fed. Govt. can get money coming in is with taxes. It’s not like there is something to sell (except for the Congress to sell their votes, which they have essentially done). The Repugs just seem dead set against raising any money despite this is supposed to be a “business”. Their craziness is so extreme they need padded cells.

  13. P.S.
    Just heard at ThinkProgress that the Republicans have gone home for the night and they have not reauthorized the FAA budget. Goodbye air travel, airport construction, certifying planes for airworthiness, 4,000 employees to be laid off, etc. Oh, what fools these Republicans be.

  14. Bonnie: It’s not like there is something to sell (except for the Congress to sell their votes, which they have essentially done).

    This is true but — and it’s a BIG one — they sold their votes for personal consideration, like a job once they retire from Congress; it’s not like the government gets money to run its programs. Indeed, once the congresscritters hav e sold their votes, the government gets less revenue from lower taxes.

  15. I’m going to bed..I just listened to Boehner give his side of the breakdown in the debt ceiling talks..He said..”The American people won’t accept a clean bill unless spending cuts are attached”. Maybe I’m overly tired, or maybe I’m being too critical, but there appears to be an apparent contradiction in that statement and Boehner spoke it without even a hint of awareness of what he just said.

    Boehner needs to take a Dale Carnegie course, or lay off the sauce.

  16. “He said..”The American people won’t accept a clean bill unless spending cuts are attached”. ”

    These guys all have imaginary voices in their heads. I like the idea of balanced budgets in general, you know, like we had under Clinton, but we’re still in the Bush recession. I hear people complain about unemployment; about cheap Chinese imports killing American jobs; about climate change (108 in Newark yesterday); about the war; about overcrowded classroom. I don’t hear regular people complaining about the budget deficit right now, do you?

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