On, Wisconsin! (Update: We’ve Got Two; One Still Undecided)

I’m going to update this post with whatever news comes in from the Wisconsin recall elections. Comment away.

There is news that voter turnout is good. It’s “steady” to “higher than normal.” At polling places in Baraboo, voters complained about activists hanging around polling places and intimidating them, but the news story doesn’t say which activists were doing the intimidating.

Update: Somewhat O/T, but it’s my blog — the new GOP chair blames President Obama for a drop in GOP popularity.

See also Greg Sargent, “Wisconsin recall fight ends where it began: With a Big Lie” and Nate Silver, “Reading the Wisconsin Recall Vote.” Nate warns that the polling in Wisconsin could be unreliable.

Update: The polls are closed!

Update: It’s too early to call races, but you can find vote count updates at TPM.

Update: The District 2 race has been called for the Republican, Robert Cowles, but this is a seat that had been expected to stay Republican.

Update: The District 10 race also has been called for the Republican, Sheila Harsdorf. This was the other race that had been expected to stay Republican. Of the remaining four races, two are expected to go to Dems and two are a toss up.

Update: Dems currently are ahead in three races, but lots of districts haven’t reported yet.

Update: District 14 has been called for Republican Luther Olsen, which means three of the six districts will stay Republican. This was a district the Dems had hoped to win. In two uncalled districts the Dems are leading pretty well, although there are lots of votes T

Update: We got one. District 32 has been declared for the Democrat, Jennifer Shilling.

Update: Dems are leading in the two remaining races.

Update: We got another one! Democrat Jessica King is the projected winner in District 18.

Update: OK, folks, there is one district remaining, and everyone says it could be a few hours before the race is called. This is the race between Democrat Sandy Pasch and Republican Alberta Darling. Right now, the Democrat is up 52 to 48 percent with 67 percent of the vote counted.

The same district that lost and then found 14,000 votes for the Republican Supreme Court candidate in April has not reported at all yet. This district is supposed to go heavily for Darling, which could wipe out Pasch’s lead. So this one’s a nail biter that may not be decided tonight. So I’m going to bed.

19 thoughts on “On, Wisconsin! (Update: We’ve Got Two; One Still Undecided)

  1. There are some reports here that some Teahadists are demonstrating at polling places saying you have to have an ID to vote (you don’t). Not sure if that’s Baraboo or not, though that would certainly fit that part of the day.

  2. “which activists are doing the intimidating.”
    My guess is the libs are putting cushions on the park benches while the T-tards are planting land mines.
    Hey, I could be wrong, given the level of passion…..

  3. Speaking of Teahadists, I just got a robocall from Patrick McHenry informing me that there is a townhall meeting tonight in a town nearby. He wants us to put on our thinking caps and help him “come up with ways to make Washington cut spending and get our economy back on track.” The man is a complete buffoon, but a very nasty one. Some things can really ruin your day.

  4. “Some things can really ruin your day.” But enough wins in Wisconsin would make it a great day after all.

  5. This is off topic also…but I’ve got to share it.

    My wife uses a radio alarm clock….So this morning I woke up to Michelle Bachmann’s nasally whiney voice saying..” President O-bah-ma destroyed our economy”. Unfortunately it wasn’t a just a good old fashioned nightmare I was hearing.

  6. Quite the visual, Swami.
    I can imagine Michelle Bachmann and her husband singing “send in the clowns”

  7. “the new GOP chair blames President Obama for a drop in GOP popularity”

    Well why not, I mean who’s fault could it be? They got 98% of what they wanted.

  8. “the new GOP chair blames President Obama for a drop in GOP popularity.”

    My brain is exploding. Do you think maybe the phoney “tea party” might be factor?

    BTW: is there an easy cure for Priebus? Maybe more fiber in your diet?

  9. Whatever the outcome, it just has to point positively to the austerity agenda. If folks are already doing without, a little less will hardly be noticed. Why shouldn’t the less fortunate do with not any more? They are the ones that use the services.

    So if the democrats win: angry mob.

    If the republicants win, minor uprising tamped down, next crisis quick

  10. My brain is exploding, It looks like they won.

    Minor uprising tamped down, next crisis quick, hurry hurry, hurry.

    Aint you’all noticed since Obama, things just aint the same. OK you folks lets get back to business now.

  11. buckyblue,

    Two out of three. What can you do?

    Thanks for all of your hard work! And you guys did do a TERRIFIC job up there. I can’t imagine the amount of work needed for a recall election. Onwards to recalling Gov. Walker!!!

  12. Since we didn’t get all three that we needed, what’ll happen now?

    Will the Republicans see this as a lesson to moderate their behaviour?
    Or, will they try to ratfuck anybody and everybody that opposed them?

    My money’s on ratfucking.
    But maybe there’s a smart Republican legislator who likes his job, and may side with the Democrats every once in awhile, so that Gov. Walker can’t destroy everything before the end of his FIRST YEAR in office.

    Nah, who am I kidding?

    It’s all they know how to do.

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