Rick Perry Is Creepy

This reveals a lot:

Perry is struggling to answer a question about why a commitment to abstinence education makes sense when Texas has the third highest teenage pregnancy rate in the country. Shorter Perry — it works because I say it does. Also he has personal experience with abstinence. Right. See also Steve Benen and Paul Wildman.

In more Perry news — Bruce Bartlett called Perry an idiot. Yes, but he’s a ruthless idiot.

Update: See Ezra, “How much did illegal immigrants contribute to Texas’ economic boom?” Quite a bit, it seems.

10 thoughts on “Rick Perry Is Creepy

  1. God, if you watch that clip you see the very worst of Little Boots in Perry.

    The stupid little smirk, the swagger, the sheer idiocy, the faith, the bullshit, that little Texas tough-guy cowboy lisp.

    And my favorite line was ‘that he ‘personally’ could attest that abstinance works.’

    Really, Governor?
    Then why did your father-in-law have to give you a vasectomy?

    BTW – I wonder Freud would have called a father-in-law clipping his son-in-laws cojone’s tubes?

    OMG, can you imagine how much he’d like to have Perry, his wife, and her parents on the couch?
    One at a time, I mean…

    This is somewhere beyond even Oedipus and Electra…

  2. Benin’s article sums up conservativism today. Instead of thinking a problem through and letting themselves be taught by the data, they already know the answer, without seeing the data, because some Big Daddy told them so:

    In general, conservatism isn’t pragmatic because policy outcomes aren’t the goal. Indeed, they’re largely irrelevant. As we’ve seen in too many instances, Republicans aren’t principally concerned with solving problems; their goals are ideological….

    The exchange in the clip is amusing because it makes Perry look foolish, but it actually offers a peek behind the curtain: the right believes programs work, even when they don’t work, so long as ideological goals are being met. Real-world implications are meaningless.

  3. Indeed. The primary goal in authoritarianism is Conforming to Authority, in this case, Christian dogma. In defiance of all reality, facts and evidence.

    None of this librul rubbish about ‘solving problems’ or ‘effectiveness’.
    You’ll drag them kicking and screaming out of their 14th century mental serfdom.

  4. The fact is that if kids weren’t doing it, they wouldn’t get pregnant. You keep saying that over and over and over and it may actually happen, and monkeys may fly outta his ass as well. For those of in reality land who know that teenagers will indeed do it, why not help outta little because we know that you don’t want them to get an abortion. And if they have the kids, no chance they’re getting any help with that. Hell, he can’t even provide decent schools for the kids to go to. Recent studies have shown that European kids and American kids have sex for the first time just about at the same age. The only difference is that the European kids use protection (because they have talked about it with their parents, meaning protection) and American kids don’t (because they don’t talk to their parents about it).
    Perry sounds and acts so much like Bush it’s scarey. If Bachman can’t be the candidate, could we please get this guy to be the candidate. I say we start donating money now to ensure it.

  5. Perry sounds and acts so much like Bush it’s scarey. If Bachman can’t be the candidate, could we please get this guy to be the candidate. I say we start donating money now to ensure it.

    buckyblue.. With the stupidity in this country that’s too much like playing Russian roulette.

  6. Today there was a Yahoo! home page article on SEVEN WAYS PERRY WANTS TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION. (Link at end) Even the normally-present winger Yahoo trolls were taken aback, though most of the ones I read related only to his christofacist intentions, ignoring the processes of government parts. Maybe he will implode his own candidace by mouth.

  7. Maybe Texas should augment their abstinence program with the virginity pledge.. Sorta like giving a double whammy of different antibiotics to knock down certain strains of venereal diseases…. The old one-two punch.

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