Phun With Photoshop

David Limbaugh, brother of Rush, tweeted this clever graphic …

This is an image we’re likely to see again, according to Maggie Haberman at Politico. If that’s the case, I propose changing it to this…

Editorial note: I don’t know for certain that Dubya was 22 in that picture, but the future President Obama was not 22 in the Limbaugh graphic. So there.

Steve M points out that in the last five presidential elections, the candidate with the least military experience won.

12 thoughts on “Phun With Photoshop

  1. Interesting that Rush’s brother couldn’t even give the president equal space on the comparison ad?

  2. Do subtle much there, Doughboy Dos? *
    Jesus, even the dogs ran away howling in pain, covering their ears!

    Just what the nation needs – an even more dimwitted and Jesusey ex-cheerleading flyboy Texas Governor as President.

    With Liz Cheney as his VP candidate.

    Nah, I kid (I HOPE!). Whoever’s chosen will have Rubio as VP. He’s already out there practicing his campaign speeches about how Medicare and SS weakened us and made us lazy as a nation:

    *Ever wonder what it feels like to be the LESS talented of those two?
    I know I do.
    That’s got to be like losing a singing contest to Stephen Hawking.

  3. The problem with Rick Perry’s picture is that he didn’t fly a fighter jet , Wikipedia says he flew a the helmet, the parachute and the backdrop are just props to create a warrior image..Boy’s will be boys! The military doesn’t train a person to fly a fighter jet and then assign them to fly a cargo plane…

  4. Another possibility would be to juxtapose the photo of Perry next to a photo of Dubya getting hauled into the police station on a DUI charge.

  5. Swami,

    In Navy flight school, all pers start out the same. Of the ones that do eventually graduate, the helicopter pilots are the least talented, then the fixed wing multi engine (C130 type) are next and at the top of the pecking order are the jet jockeys. Remember the movie “Top Gun” with Tom Cruise? He played that role perfectly.

  6. “like loosing a singing contest to Stephen Hawking”
    Damned funny!

  7. “like loosing a singing contest to Stephen Hawking”

    Gulag…You’re too much! 🙂

  8. Perry is a Dubya clone. I’ve even seen the same body language where his head recoils into his shoulders when he thinks he’s articulated a profound thought. ” After all, it’s your money”

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