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  1. GOP:
    ‘Oh, you want to help women, children, and seniors over here?
    Sure, sure, no problem.
    Just show us which women, children, and seniors you want us to f*ck-over there?’

    And yet, that swaggering Jesusy nitwit Perry came begging for Fed money during the drought, and I’ll bet any amount that Krispy Kreme Christie will want Fed money pronto – to help rebuild as many beaches as possible before this Labor Day weekend.

    I have a simple solution for Eric Cantor:
    How about we take that nasty Socialism that you hate so much out of the federal government?
    Let’s be Galtian.
    That’s what you want, right?
    Ok then, during emergencies, no states can get more moneyback than they put in. And that means that your red Welfare Queen state of VA can’t suck off the teat of blue states like NY, CT, or CA.
    As we look at the ledger, we that you’re still getting money from those states, so no earthquake money for you!
    Do we have a deal?
    I didn’t think so.
    Eric Cantor is apparently demanding that the money to help with the earthquake in his state, and to fix VA’s beaches after Hurricane Irene, will have come from Joplin MO’s tornado victims.
    Keep voting “Republican” there, MO…

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