Interesting Maneuvers

I think the scheduling “conflict” between the President’s speech and the GOP debate is a neat bit of maneuvering on President Obama’s part. As Maggie Haberman writes,

Obama ultimately will still be able to cut off some of the free media oxygen of whatever narrative emerges from the debate by speaking to the nation the next day, which was almost certainly the goal of choosing the night of the face-off in the first place.

This little drama played out just as President Obama wanted it to play out. Yes, John Boehner also looks stronger to his base. The right-wing base cannot carry the 2012 election. They need the votes of the mushy, uncommitted middle to carry the election. The more the GOP looks intolerant and petty, the better for Obama.

IMO the discussion of this topic on last nights Last Word is worth watching.

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5 thoughts on “Interesting Maneuvers

  1. Now, the joint session of Congress is taking place at the same day as the opening game of the NFL season.
    And, in a show of our countries national priorities, the WH has already said that the session won’t conflict with the game which kick-off a little after 8:30 on one channel – NBC!
    Yes, Heaven forbid that a the Saints-Packers game get delayed because of a joint session of Congress in a meeting called for by the President to address a plummeting economy and a catastrophic job situation.
    The NFL game in WI apparently trumps the DC ‘games.’

    Also, too – and of course, you couldn’t let the joint session compete with a Republican pesidential debate, months before the first primary, amongst candidates who wouldn’t look out of place in the barroom scene in Star Wars, and aimed at an audience of middle-aged to ancient white nitwit’s who’ll vote for anyone the party puts up there at the end in any case, male, female, animal, vegetable, or mineral – as long as it’s someone/something that pisses off the Liberals.

    PS: I just realized that this will be Yosemite Perry’s first debate. I might watch this after all. It’ll be interesting how the other ranchers react to the new kid moving in on their turf with his shiny big belt buckle, expensive cowboy boots, and pearl-handled pistols, and see how he handles himself.
    This could be ineresting.
    Raise your hands if you think they’ll reach a new level of stupid trying to out-Tea Party one another?

  2. It’s funny that in the age of DVR that these things are even an issue. This will cost the president nothing and further exposes the Republicans for the disrespectful, petulant, crybabies that they are.
    Why should anyone give a flying shite about a debate of nitwits 13 months before the election? Because it’s at the Reagan library?
    Oh please, my head is going numb.

  3. Everyone seems so shocked that Obama is hoping to get to work on the country’s problems on the first day back in session. The only reason I can think of for ANYONE not thinking that is a good idea, is if you hope the economy limps along until after the election.

  4. In my fanstasyland alternative universe, Obama’s speech has this in it somewhere:
    “The American people said that Washington should work together. And I’ve tried. Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted over the debt limit deal. I’m even giving this speech tonight instead of Thursday at his insistence. And still they claim I’m not compromising. Well that ends now. No more. It’s my way or the highway.”

    Also, the sky is a very weird puce in my world.

  5. “Alternative universe”? I meant “Alternate universe.”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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