The Job-Killing Republican Party

Matt Yglesias, “GOP Leaders Write Unprecedented Letter Urging The Federal Reserve To Keep Unemployment High

Robert Reich, “Republicans Threaten the Fed

Steve Benen, “GOP Leaders to Fed: Let America Suffer

Adam Serwer, “Republicans To Fed: Don’t Help The Economy—Or Else!

Stan Collender, “GOP to Fed: Let the Economy Fail

Alain Sherter: “Thug Life: Lawmakers Threaten Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke

Mark Gongloff, “If You Don’t Like Bernanke, Win an Election and Fire Him: Greenhaus

David Frum doesn’t like it, either.

8 thoughts on “The Job-Killing Republican Party

  1. What more evidence do we need than Matt’s article to prove that Republicans are willing to bring down the country if that’s what it will take to bring down Obama. Can I suggest that the Republican Party, a class, is waging war not only against Obama but against the entire nation? Is this an act of patriotic Americans?

  2. What the Republicans meant to write:

    “We have serious concerns that further intervention by the Federal Reserve WILL NOT exacerbate current problems or further harm the U.S. economy.”

    There, I fixed it.

    Uhm, how much different is abandoning your fellow countrymen to fend for themselves regarding jobs and the economy, any different from abandoning them to fend for themselves against the Germans or Japanese?
    Is it a matter of degree?
    How is the intent different?

    Maybe it’s me and I’m stupid.

  3. tomB said: They are digging their hole deeper and deeper. This is headline material.

    You would think so. It’s big, scandalous news. So I went over to to see how it was being reported…it wasn’t. These are the headlines they had about the Fed:

    Fed takes steps to lower interest rates
    Republican spending plan fails in House
    Old, new red tape hurts businesses
    Explain it to me: The ‘Buffett Rule’

    I don’t know what’s being reported on the American TV or radio news, since I don’t get either here. If you hear anything, let me know. US newspapers…last time I looked, they were all crime, sports, fashion and weather.

    I’m thinking that if I lived in the USA and didn’t have the Internet, the only way I could judge politics would be to watch Fox News and listen to AM hate radio, and assume that the truth on any issue is exactly the opposite of what they say.

  4. McConnell has vowed to his klavern to destroy Obama’s presidency. To a good old boy like McConnell the only thing worse than a full fledged Niggra President is a mongrel President.

    I’m not one for playing the race card… but like Supreme Court’s definition of obscenity… racism is something that you’ll know when you see it…And I see it big time in McConnell. Look at his voting record, and his lust to destroy Obama’s presidency.. It goes beyond political ambition, it’s personal, and racism is at the core of his motives. It show and you don’t have to dig too deep to see it.

  5. OT, gotta see this Morning Joe interview of Elizabeth Warren. Video is toward the end of the diary, go see it. A few weeks ago we were talking about the dearth of up and coming leaders in the Democratic Party – I can now name one. She’s amazingly clear, disarming and direct when she talks. And she loves to go out and press the flesh of her constituents.

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