Heil Plutocrats

Wonkette has a video showing NYPD arresting some demonstrators inside a CItibank branch. The demonstrators were being very low-key, lining up to be arrested, when the cops nabbed a woman in a business suit, bank book in hand. She is screaming “I’m a customer! I’m a customer!” as they haul her to the paddy wagon.

Wonkette says the woman was there to close her Citibank account, although you can’t tell that from the video. The cops just said they were arresting her for being inside the bank. Apparently during business hours, I might add.

Some self-appointed Stasi informant “infiltrated” OWS — like that was hard — and got on their internal listserv, and has been forwarding the emails to Breitbart, the NYPD, the FBI, and anyone else he thought might be interested. The stooge, Tom Ryan, has been trying to identify the members of the hacktivist group Anonymous for some time. Now Ryan is trying to tie OWS to al Qaeda. Seriously. And Breitbart is claiming that OWS is a terrorist organization trying to undermine U.S. security by destabilizing the markets.

No doubt Ryan, Breitbart et al. are volunteer stooges for the plutocracy because they believe in freedom.

BTW, the Reuters description of the global protests yesterday makes most of them sound pretty underwhelming.

5 thoughts on “Heil Plutocrats

  1. I am sure that all of the organizers for OWS know that the government could have access to all electronic communications by their members. Indeed, this is likely to be one of the most heavily infiltrated actions in the history of the American Left. If there were any truly radical leftists out there who were planning on destructive monkey wrench operations, they should stay far away from Manhattan during OWS. Otherwise, the government already has their number and they won’t get far or achieve much.

    People talk about the physical bravery of the demonstrators at OWS and I would agree that they are putting themselves on the line. However they are also setting themselves up for the potential of a lifetime of harassment by the Homeland Security Dept through no fly lists, computer confiscations, and a host of other inconveniences. This is especially true if they get arrested.

  2. Banksters:
    “The temerity of that woman!
    Not here to deposit, but here withdrawing money?
    OUR money!
    Are there no SWAT teams?”

    And “Growth Factor,” the victors write the rules, just like they write history.
    So, if ‘we, the people’ win, we don’t need to worry.
    And if we lose, well, that’s going to be a really, really long ‘No-fly/inconvience the Hell out of them’ list.
    It might be easier for them to keep a ‘Let-’em fly/make it convenient for ’em’ list.

  3. There’s a classic scene in ‘The Untouchables’ (Kevin Kostner Sean Connery). Ness was made a fool by Capone. The Chicago press is in tow when Ness busts a bootlegging operation and comes up with pink umbrellas. WTF does that have to do with these hackers?

    Steal a play from the Capone playbook. Set the hackers up with a phoney plot and see if you can catch THEM on camera with their pants down. (figuratively speaking). But if a clown like Breather could be lured into a pie-in-the-face situation with a sting – it would make my month.

  4. No doubt Ryan, Breitbart et al. are volunteer stooges for the plutocracy because they believe in freedom.

    Or, to put it less sarcastically, because they believe in self-promotion. And this stuff works.

  5. This just proves you BH theory. Nothing more than standing up to power and calling out corruption loudly for all to see will engender these types of responses. We’ve all been scratching our heads at the seemingly endless succession of social and political losses when taking a non-violent stand in a visible way is all it took for them to show an even uglier side. Doesn’t the buck stop with Bloomberg. His comments will be interesting.

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