The Cain Show: Not Yet Canceled

I can’t tell from current polling if Herman Cain’s recent un-conservative statements on abortion have hurt him in the polls. He has since flip-flopped with a vengeance, but even his flip-flops are inconsistent. If this quote is correct

“I would not sign any legislation that in any way allowed the government to be involved in it,” he said. “I would strengthen all of our current laws that prevent abortion. I believe that abortion should be clearly stated and illegal across this country and I would work to defund Planned Parenthood.”

— he’s saying that government should not be involved in abortion except to make it illegal. Very weird. I suspect abortion is not an issue that interests him personally, and he is still learning what he is supposed to say about it.

Bobbleheads keep predicting Cain’s imminent implosion, yet the collapse doesn’t come. Why not?

From what I’ve seen on Youtube videos, the man has an authoritative, sometimes even intimidating, presence. Even when he’s spouting nonsense — which is pretty much every time he moves his lips — one suspects he could snap his fingers and call forth a cadre of associates ready to break your kneecaps. Better show some respect.

I suspect many people projected a similar quality onto Rick Perry — it takes balls to execute an innocent man, after all — but on television, Perry comes across as something of a bumbler. Plus, he’s “soft” on illegal immigration. Can’t have that.

Some of what Cain says that news media call “gaffes” aren’t gaffes at all. When he suggested building an electric fence with a potentially lethal jolt along the Mexican border, the bobbleheads were much distressed. But you know the baggers ate that up. And when Cain later said the remark was just a joke — yeah, that’s what Coulter says all the time, too. Nobody believes her, either.

Cain’s free-market, anti-government bona fides are pretty solid. He’s an “insider” among industry lobbyists. Cain played a leading role in killing President Clinton’s health care initiative back in 1994.

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cain stays near the top of the polls for a few more days or even weeks, no matter what comes out of his mouth about abortion or electric fences or anything else.

14 thoughts on “The Cain Show: Not Yet Canceled

  1. “Bobbleheads keep predicting Cain’s imminent implosion, yet the collapse doesn’t come. Why not?”

    Too much money–he’s a tentacle of the Kochtopus–and a Reagan-like presence. It is very discouraging that Ronald Reagan–the ultimate dishonest media candidate–seems to have become the model for successful Presidential candidates.

    Wow is reform ever needed.

  2. It might take a bit longer, because they are very slow on the uptake, for them to figure out that, as far as being able to handle the Presidency, Cain’s not able.

    Until then, it’s ‘Yes, we Cain!’

    Ross Douthat actually had his first ever non-f*cking idiotic column in yesterday’s NY Times, basically saying that after a bit of drama, the nomination is Mitts.

    I’m sure that column was an outlier, and that he’ll go back to scolding people about their naughty parts, expecially women, in his next effort. That’s if he’s not too busy fellating Bobo so he can sneak a peak and see what insipid sh*t he’s writing about for HIS next column.

    Sunday is not the same. Why, oh why, hast thou forsaken us Frank Rich?

  3. WAY OT!

    Here’s yet another exmple that productivity is the most important thing in the world.
    It’s a ‘heart’warming tale from my former (scumbag) employer Time-Warner Cable, where they stopped one call center worker from helping another one who was having a heart attack:

    The moral of this story?
    It just goes to show that if you ever do find a job, you can be sure you’ll be worked to death.

    The heartless stupidity of this should astound me, but it doesn’t, because I was a call center trainer and got to see this kind of mentally defective thinking every day. I fought a losing battle for almost a decade to keep some humanity in customer service, but no one in upper management gave a flying f*ck about the customers or the employees as long as the phone got answered in an appropriate amount of time. What you said or did was completely unimportant as long as the phone got answered in the designated time period.
    And if it didn’t get anwered quick enough – heads rolled.
    Not the top ones, of course.
    Glenn Britt, that POS is still around.
    Not enough bad sh*t can happen to that evil assclown.
    And not enough bad sh*t will…

    • c u n d gulag — yeah, I saw that story about the woman who died in the workplace yesterday.To be fair, it’s possible that there’s nothing in the Time Warner employee manual about whether employees should be allowed to take time out to do CPR on a dying colleague (I bet there will be soon, though). In my experience, middle management in many companies is full of mean SOB’s whose only abilities are yelling loud, cracking whips, and making sure the hired help put in their time. I can see a couple of my former department heads yelling at everyone to get back to work while someone was choking to death.

  4. Yup, totally. But in my years there, most of the jerks weren’t at the Supervisor level, and not even the Manager level, but at the Director+ level. Until recently at TWC, most of the Sup’s and Mgrs, were former call-center employees, and not pampered yutz’s with MBA’s, or someone’s college pal, or some higher-up’s neighbor’s son who recently graduated from college, and needs a job, but can’t make any less than $100,000, or it’ll embarass his family, and it’ll reflect poorly on everyone.
    Now, of course, the pressure’s so bad that the front-line Sup’s and Managers can’t afford to be human at all. It’s all a numbers game, and you can’t hire one person more than you absolutely need, even when you probably need 10 more to do the job right. So, you manipulate the numbers.

    And in every TWC Call Center I worked in, we trained people in CPR so that usually there was someone certified around during all shifts – just in case. Now, I’ve been gone almost 3 years, so that might have changed. I was trained a number of times, just in case something happened in the training room, or while I was out on the floor.
    What hasn’t change is the increasing demand for productivity issue, which grew more and more out of control with every year. TWC used to be a good company to work for, and pretty humane. But I can easily see, as the pressure’s increased, some poor harried Supervisor telling his/her people to stay on the phone, even when someone is dying at the desk or aisle next to them. ‘It doesn’t matter – answer the phone!’ Now, who do they think is paying any attention to the customer when their friend/associate/colleage (whatever the in-vogue word is now) is uttering a death rattle? Again, it doesn’t matter – keep answering the damn phone!
    I mean, you can’t shut the Call Center or part of it, down for something like a heart attack, now can you? That’ll make the stat’s for the day suck, and someone in upper management will call and demand some answers. And, someone dying on the floor is not acceptable as an excuse, but letting the person die is just fine as long as there’s no real major interruption to the phone stats. ” Let’s answer those phones people!!!”

  5. I think part of Cain’s allure is his ability to be blunt, almost lacking in tact, something conservatives like (think Christie). That alone makes him stand apart from Obama. I do however, scratch my head when he tells people to buy used to avoid his federal sales tax. Used cars, used foods, used appliances and…used food? The only term I’m familiar with that defines “used food” is certainly not something I want to eat. My tendency is to flush that stuff, not eat it.

    On the subject of popular GOP flavors, it’s difficult to say when people will tire of Black Walnut ice cream. Perhaps when they find out that there’s a whole lotta artificial ingredients surrounding a single nut, they’ll move on to something else, perhaps something more nuttier. Oh wait, Bachmann already had her chance.

  6. The only term I’m familiar with that defines “used food” is certainly not something I want to eat. My tendency is to flush that stuff, not eat it.

    I suspect you’ve never eaten at Godfather’s, Chris. Speaking as a native of Omaha, where the chain originated, I’d have to say that its pizza qualifies as “used food” of the flushable kind.

  7. I give him until the end of November, when the media will finally yawn in his face and turn its hungry gaze elsewhere.

  8. tomB said:

    They will NOT nominate a minority. Not this century.

    If Rush Limbaugh insists that Cain is actually a white man, his listeners will believe it. They believe anything that Rush says.

  9. I wonder why the Tea crowd hasn’t (or won’t) call out Cain on the 9% national sales tax portion of the 9-9-9…isn’t a national sales tax a form of government intervention? Or is IOKIYAR still a thing?

  10. Cain needs to do a rendition of Ol’ Man River. Forget that Impossible Dream pap. If he wants to spice up his act he’s gotta give the people what they expect.

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