Happy Turkey Day

First, I want to offer my deepest thanks to everyone who responded to my recent fund raiser. It makes a huge difference in my life, I assure you.

My children are cooking this year; I’m just going to show up with the wine. I like this plan.

If you need a politics fix, check out this graphic showing Republican voters thrashing around looking for Anyone But Romney. And reflect on the delicious irony of Iowa social conservatives who want to steer the caucus away from the Mormon Mittens who may be forced to turn to the, um, morality challenged Newt.

10 thoughts on “Happy Turkey Day

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, maha, and to all of the commenters/readers.
    I’m giving thanks to my wonderful family and friends – and to the left blogosphere, which has probably saved my sanity over the last decade.

    I’m going to copy what I just wrote on the last post – hopefully no one minds.

    If you need a laugh this Thanksgiving morning, read this about Pam Geller’s boycott of stealth IslamoTurkey’s by Butterball!


    I won’t link to her site directly, it’ll only encourage her, but you can get a good idea what this psycho-hater is blathering on about – Halal Turkey’s.
    From what I know, there is little or no difference between Kosher and Halal, except the Rabbi, who performs, or oversees, the former. They’re both meant to be humane ways to kill – turkey’s in this case.


    GOP POV:
    Them IslamoFascistMuslim Halal’s turkey is bad enough!

    But think about the ultimate in horrors and miscegenation – the mixed race “turducken!” AN OBAMANATION ABOMINATION!!!

    What kind of an amoral atheist deviant takes the turkey, America’s National Bird, the bird with the most WHITE meat, and inter-breeds them with stupid chickens, and them dark meat, web-footed, ducks?

    Oh, you kill the chicken, put it inside the damned duck, stuff ‘em both in the turkey, and bake ‘em?
    That does sound good!

    Can we make N*gCh*nkLims, where we kill the N*gger’s, put “em inside the damn Ch*nk’s, stuff ‘em both into Muslim’s, and bake ‘em?
    Now THAT”S a meal I’d GIVE THANKS FOR!!!

    When do we officially declare this an ‘Asylum’ nation?
    No, not a nation where put-upon people from around the world can find peace, and new lives – but a nation where a good portion of our own citizens are placed in actual ASYLUM’S!
    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!!!

    Halal turkey’s!
    Oy yoy yoy…

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, all. I read a succinct description of Newt Gingrich, attributed to Paul Krugman: “He’s a stupid person’s idea of what a smart person sounds like”. In other words, a sophist.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    And as far as Newt being morally challenged…not so! You need to have morals to be morally challenged. Maybe Newt should skip the shopping excursions at Tiffany’s to adorn the little home wrecker and purchase a couple of milligrams of melatonin for her instead. I’ve heard of being married to a clothes horse, but never heard of being married to an Aqua-net horse..

  4. Maha,

    Happy thanks giving to you and all commenters.

    The graphic to which you linked reminds me of looking at an anaconda or boa digesting a meal. Are they eating the saps that buy into their BS ?

  5. “I read a succinct description of Newt Gingrich, attributed to Paul Krugman: “He’s a stupid person’s idea of what a smart person sounds like”.

    Wow, the other day someone told me that i was a smart person’s idea of what a stupid person sounds like. So, if I shake hands with Newt, will we do a electron/positron thing?

    I think Krugman quoted this a few columns ago from Ezra Klein’s description of Dick Armey. But, its seems so apt for so many.

    I hope everyone had a fine Thanksgiving. I got to chop firewood and eat my ever improving collard greens. So, I am fit as a fiddle.

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