13 thoughts on “Tonight in New Hampshire

  1. Rand, I’d like to stick that cigar so far up your Santorum hole, that it tickles whatever you’ve got for a brain.

    It’s “all about property,” indeed.

    That MFer has GOT to be the dumbest SOB in history to ever be in a Senate well known to be a bastion hide-away spot for the entitled dumb SOB’s from every f’in state!

    Jesus H. Christ in a F’in Straightjacket, the crazies in the family used to have the decency and common sense to stay the f*ck home and STFU if their families forgot to lock them up in the attic or basement. Now they control the House, and are damn close to getting the Senate.
    And it’s not as if the “R” candidates aren’t all Psych Ward worthy!!!
    Yes, even congenital liar “Fill-in the __________” Mitt, and Huntsman, who’s just a stopped clock with a few more hands than Rands daddy, ‘Ron the Rand fan.’


  2. Ron and Rand – prove yet again that the turd doesn’t fall far from the sphincter…

  3. “. . . it’s about controlling property, ultimately.”

    This American Indian would like to remind the Pauls that the property they want to control was stolen from the original inhabitants who were massacred (some tribes made extinct) by the white man. He also sounds like a man who would have liked to live in England during times when women were not allowed to own property.

  4. Bonnie – way OT, Did you ever read ‘Nobody Likes A Drunken Indian’ by Claire Huffaker? The story is as bawdy and irreverent as the title, but (briefly) a treaty violation on a reservation makes the tribe direct owners of a huge swath of land which includes Albuquerque (I think – I read it 40 years ago – before they made a movie). Some large city, anyway. And the end of the book essentially posed the question – what if everything you owned suddenly changed ownership – the new owners are the old owners -Native Americans – who have been robbed, murdered, and abused for centuries.

    One wonders just how conditional the Rand devotion to contract law and property rights would be then.

  5. Good question, Doug. Read the book a very long time a go. My tribe won a land dispute case in 1990. We had all kinds of documents proving that a white judge ruled that a particular company could have land that belonged to our tribe and that the judge was part owner of the company he ruled in favor of. The land disputed was a good portion of the Port of Tacoma. Once our suit was filed, it put future leases for the Port in jeopardy. Corporations didn’t want to pay for land that had the potential of being taken away. Thus, the Federal, State, County, and City governments decided it would be better to settle with us. My tribe primarily survived because we were in the last area settled by the white man; thus, we were aware of previous broken treaties and the genocide.

  6. In terms of winning percentages, does anyone have further info on the report that came out of Iowa saying that there was a recount in one county, and that Mitt had lost 20 votes? I have not seen anything about a certified total or recount or verified number, but I don’t imagine that ol’ Frothy would let such a thing go by. Is it possible that Mittens has enough pull to get Iowa to abandon the integrity of the vote count? Looks like fertile soil for an attack on voter ID as useless in the face of sheer corruption of the “system” the Republicans run.

  7. MITT 3.0 WINS!!!
    The cyborg wins!!!
    Paul 2nd, and Huntsman 3rd. Son Aqua Buddha, and Huntsman’s richy-rich Daddy, are sorely disappointed.

    Icky Sticky Rickey didn’t even come close.
    Also too – Newt.
    Also last – Perry.
    Now comes SC – let’s see how MITT 3.0, “The K-Street Torquemada,” Newt, and Ron, do in a state that has more nuts than a Planters factory.
    Poor Perry. Too tame for Iowa. Too lame for NH. Who’s to blame? Maybe, “Other Rick,” there’ll be some religionist nuts who prefer you to Santorum, down there. Pray to Tebow.

  8. Bonnie and Doug’s comments jogged a memory.

    Ron Paul said that the Civil War might have been avoided if the North had been willing to compensate the southern slave owners for the loss of their property. As we have discussed before, Lincoln did consider this. But, how interesting that someone or some enterprising business can travel across the globe, kidnap innocent people and sell them to the highest bidder, who, according to Ron Paul, would then have valid title to them as property.

    Maybe someone should steal Ron Paul’s car and drive it to Canada.

  9. Maybe someone should steal Ron Paul’s car and drive it to Canada.

    Goatherd, I love that idea. Anyone know what kind of ride Rep. Paul owns? And how to do that hotwiring thing? Under the right circumstances, I might consider it. I hear southern BC’s nice even in winter.

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