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Rick Perry is out, and Huntsman dropped out a couple of days ago. So we’re down to four — Newt, Santorum, Ron Paul, and Mittens. There’s another debate tonight; I suggest following it on the Richard Adams blog.

Elsewhere — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has turned down $37 million from the federal government intended to set up the health insurance exchanges mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

9 thoughts on “The Campaign We’d Like to See

  1. How many debates do these guys need? Are they moving to a 162-game season, like Major League Baseball?

    I don’t really mind, because I think it’s just cementing the idea that these guys are more interested in squabbling and trivial backstabbing than in solving our problems, but it’s getting beyond ridiculous. I suppose they think it’s a good way to generate new stories for the maw of the media monster, but sheesh!

  2. Apparently a million recall signatures was not enough to enlighten Walker to how beloved he is in Wisconsin.

  3. Newt claimed that the “open marriage” thing was not true, and he was “appalled” at such a “despicable” charge. For once, I may agree with him.

    Based on what Marianne said, I don’t think he was asking for an ‘open marriage’. He was asking to have her put up with him sleeping with Calista. I’m certain he wasn’t suggesting Marianne should be able to fool around with anyone else. And, to be absolutely fair to Newt, he might only have been interested in keeping it going with Calista, not sleeping with anyone more. At least right then.

    He wasn’t talking about an open marriage, he was talking about a ‘traditional’ one, involving a man, his wife and his mistress.

  4. biggerbox,
    You’re a better person than I.
    I don’t want to be fair to Newt, because, who has Newt been ever fair to in his prideful, angry, envious, greedy, gluttonous, slothful, lustful, and gangrenous life? That boy is the poster boy for “The 7 Deadly Sins,” and more.
    And her accusation is so outrageous, that it rings of truth. But, even if it’s not, I don’t really care.
    He deserves smearing, but even smearing him with santorum is a waste of santorum.
    He deserves worse.
    He has been nothing but a festering boil on the American body politic. And the sooner we lance him, the sooner we can all heal. And if an ex-wife is the scalpel, well, then, all the better.

  5. I think we’re being a bit rough on ol’Newtie here; I mean he had the cohones AND class to ask his wife for permission to have sex with other chicks. That takes balls. It’s not like he just up and screwed around…..
    OOPS, I guess he did! And that tramp he’s married to now knew he was married, but rolled in the hay with him anyhoo, and they both want to “sleep” in the WH? WTF?!? Even though he looks like the Stay fuffed marshmallow man! WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THAT?
    He’s the perfect Republican candidate;
    -no excuses
    -never says he’s “sorry”
    -Patriotic and God-fearing
    -Titanium balls
    -he’ll put all them niggras to work doing anything, AND eliminate overpaid Janitor jobs.
    -He’s snarky, condescending, mean-spirited, AND he knows his history!
    -He’s married to a woman who knows what she wants and GETS what she wants.
    He’s a “Mac the Knife” kinda guy!
    I can just picture Newt and Calista in white togas doing the thumbs up or down thingie before retiring to the orgy while I make a beeline for the vomitorium (where I’ll find “Santorium”.
    What a freak show………………

  6. Walker turned down millions for health care, Rick Scott turned down billions for a high speed rail project that would have put thousands of people to work.
    Why do they hate Americans?
    “Let my People Go (without) !”

  7. They should keep having debates IMHO, just that much more fodder for Obama when we come to the general. In fact, I think the DNC should sponsor some of these.
    As per Walker, descriptors to his stupidity have failed me. There aren’t any more words other than evil. He makes dumb decisions that could help him out. We are the only state that has shed jobs consistently over the past six months; since Walker’s budget went into effect. The rest of the country is making some strides to get out of the Great Recession, Wisconsin’s going in the opposite direction. If he would take some federal money, which is ours, he could have pumped up some job numbers to make him look better. But he didn’t even do that. Which makes me think he actually has higher office on the radar, which is truly a laugh. He was out of his league as a county exec, way over his head as governor. As a presidential candidate he’d make the current crop of clowns (ccc) seem like Ronald FDR Reagan. Lord help us if we don’t win the recall election. But a million signatures is one hell of a lot of people who don’t like this guy. We’d just have to find a couple hundred thousand more to make it to the polls and we’d be golden.

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