Newt Wins SC

Rachel Maddow is saying this is the first time in history that three different candidates have won Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Anyway, I don’t yet know how big Newt won.

Update: It says on the teevee that people who voted for Newt say they think he is more electable in the general election than Romney. Unreal.

4 thoughts on “Newt Wins SC

  1. Well played, Mr. Gingrich, well played. The racist card has never struck such fertile ground as dealt by you.

  2. Read somewhere today (well before Newt’s win) that Krauthammer and Noonan are fretting over the GOP primary infighting. As someone who wants to drive a stake through the heart of the GOP, I’m elated over the statistic Rachel mentioned. It’s been a good day to be a Democrat.

  3. Well, Newt thinks he is more electable; why shouldn’t the SC GOP primary voters?
    Ah, to be a fly on the wall in Noonan’s living room tonight!

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