Today in South Carolina

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Nate is giving Newt an 82 percent chance to win today’s primary. Newt also has sewn up the coveted Chuck Norris endorsement. And it appears the Faux News crew has been ordered to put lipstick on the pig.

(Regarding the lipstick, if you’re in the mood for some undiluted and unmitigated crap, check this out. It’s such self-evident moonshine I’m not even going to waste bandwidth commenting on it, although others have. See Steve M, Zack Ford, and Charles Johnson.)

See also how Newt seems to need wives as emotional and political props, and also that America really hates him.

13 thoughts on “Today in South Carolina

  1. I’m sure Newt’s telling everyone about Callista, “Well, you know what they say – third time’s the charm!”

    That piece by Dr. Ablow has to be a contender for the greatest hack piece of the still young 21st Century.

    Dr. Ablow’s next FOX project:
    “Jeffery Dahmer – Not a Serial Killer – But a Serial Lover. He Loved Women! He Just Ate Them Up, and Spit Them Out.”


  2. Dr. Keith Ablow is a perfect example of why I decided to not major in psychology: all but one of my psych profs were certifiable nutcases. Seriously.

  3. muldoon,
    And, like my father says, “You’ve got to be crazy if you go to a Psychiatrist.”

  4. And by the same reasoning, Newt has left two wives shortly after they were diagnosed with a serious illness. So, since our economy is sick already, we should expect him to resign the Presidency shortly after election?

    I assume Ablow enjoys his paychecks. He works hard for them.

  5. And, speaking of that whole tawdry situation, am I the only one creeped out by the thought of having a woman like Callsta as First Lady? No one seems to dispute that she was sleeping with a married man for years, including, apparently, sometimes in the marriage bed. When I was growing up, there were words for women like that, and they were not ones that connoted honor and high moral caliber. The most polite of them would be “homewrecker.”

  6. biggerbox,
    I understand that if Newt fails, and she’s not the First Lady, that the Military is interested in her.
    They want to copy her hairdo’s and use them for future stealth flight technology.
    But only AFTER they copy Newt’s little pecker to help design the smallest killer-drone on the planet – THE LIMPNEWT 1. It’ll be a Godsend if al Qaeda ever comes up with little bomb-wearing suicide-mice.

  7. Not to be too nit picky,but Jeffrey Dahmer’s predilection was toward men,er, boys. And the younger the better. Gotta keep one of Cheeseland’s own reputation unsullied;;))

    I’m actually surprised that the non-Mitt candidate is not good old Rick “lube and fecal matter” Santorum. I’m actually shocked that they went for the Newster, with all of his difficulties telling the truth, and not cheating on his wife, and not stabbing people in the back, and…… I mean really, who’s more fake and plastic than Romney? Newt. At least with Lube/Fecal you get what you get, it’s crazy stuff but at least he actually believes it. I don’t think Newt has any idea what his beliefs are, certainly not Romney.
    All of this is, of course, WINWINWIN for the Dems and Obama.

  8. C’mon, maha – Tiffany’s does NOT sell paste!

    Nothing’s too good for Newt’s beyotch!

    Hmm, I wonder what Newt bought Callista’s replacement last time he was in NYC?

  9. buckyblue,

    My bad!
    When I originally wrote it, I was going to use Ted Bundy, and say that he loved women to death.

  10. Buckyblue, I think the choice of a damaged Newt over Santorum proves that what really motivates them isn’t policy, it’s their own angry sense of victimization and racism.

    Newt does the ‘pissed-off, put-those-[insert slur for minority group here]-back-in-their-place’ thing WAY better than Ricky. Newt already took on one Democratic President, they know he can take on that Kenyan usurper in the White House and champion all their free-floating rage. He shares their own sense of superiority. Newt channels the power of the self-centered angry bigot, and it is very powerful.

    Especially in Strom Thurmond’s old stomping ground.

  11. I deliberately steer clear of wingnuts and their pathologies, but I was intrigued by this Dr Keith Ablow guy – who I never heard of – and found Where Does Fox News Get These Weirdos?. The guy was born in 1961, a key age cohort for those who came of age during Reaganism. But that alone doesn’t explain his strangeness.

    It sounds like Newt may have his moment in the sun in SC, but I suspect the Romney streamroller will crush him thereafter, especially as the focus moves away from the deep South.

  12. “especially as the focus moves away from the deep south.”
    Yeah, and that durned banjo music.
    They have a say’in on the French Broad river in N.C., “I hear banjo music, paddle faster!!!”

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