12 thoughts on “Is Newt a Tax Cheat?

  1. Jeez!
    I just finished writing about how the money folks in the Republican Party will pull out all stops to try to discredit Newt, and finish him off, once and for all.
    And it looks like they just fired their first salvo.

    Let the Attack Newt Games begin!!!

    And, there’s not a single doubt in my mind that an odious snake like Newt cheats on his taxes. He is, after all, NEWT GINGRICH – SUUUUUPER GEEEEENIUS!!!

  2. Newt just announced that, in part because of the incredible and unshakable love he has for his country, he may have forgotten to pay his taxes, and may have cheated on his wife. But only because of the love of his country.

  3. Yeah, Buckyblue, and he’s trying to save the USA from socialism. And let’s not forget God….

  4. Hey, I have an idea!

    Maybe if America told Newt we were sick, he’d leave us?

    “No, Newt… cough, cough… we’re really… sneeze, cough… we’re really… sneeze, hack, cough up kidney… fine. You… drool, shake, hack up a lung… just go right one ahead… have attack of palsy, ear drops off from leprosy… we’re behind you 100%! Or, what ever’s… eye’s roll back in head, sweat like a heavyweight boxer in the 12th round, hack up spleen… left. You go… hack up gall bladder… boy!!!

  5. There’s a really interesting dynamic developing between Newt and the MSM. The revival of Newt’s fortunes comes from the debates and generous media coverage for the underdog. Newt got an ovation from the crowd Thursday when he called the opening question about his infidelity ‘despicable’. I expect Newt to blame the ‘liberal’ media for all the questions about his taxes, or the $300,000 fine he paid the House, or his resignation from the House or his infidelity. In all cases, blame the media – don’t answer the question. But Newt needs the media, particularly since Romney can outspend him $10 to $1. Hmmmm.

    I saw plenty of signs today that the schtick of blaming the media for unpleasant questions is wearing thin with the media. Newt did three of the Sunday talk-a-lot shows. (Mitt made one safe appearance on Fox.) I expect Mitt to withdraw from the media and let the advantage of big bucks and a canned message carry him. He may even start skipping some debates, I hear. We shall see.

    Newt can capitalize on Mitt’s strategy, assuming Mitt insulates himself from the media, by getting free MSM air time every day that Newt’s the only available candidate BUT not if Newt insults the media for going off Newt’s script . Newt needs the MSM more than the MSM needs Newt. (Fox is going to be hostile turf for Newt.) If Newt wants free air time, he can’t dictate what the questions will be. That’s called a ‘commercial’ and the MSM expects Newt to PAY for that with folding money. Or deal politely with unscripted questions.

    So worth watching is Mitt and his role with the MSM. I predict an abundance of baby-kissing photo-ops and no interviews. Newt has done well with the base by insulting the media – but that’s like taunting an alligator – there are consequences. It will be fun to watch, though.

  6. The political attacks on Newt in Florida have begun…I just saw a prime time ad that made mention of Newt and his 1.6 million dollar Freddie Mac bonanza, his $300,000 ethics violation fine…and worst of all, the charge that he collaborated with Nancy Pelosi to pass some bill that aided in some respect China’s one child only policy.

  7. What I can’t figure out is why Republicans have allowed their party to go so far off the rails that Newt can even come close to snuffing out the establishment’s “Preferred candidate.”

    On the one hand, they have Ron Paul attacking Republicans beloved belief in War First, Peace maybe later. While on the other hand, they have Newt totally eradicating any fundie claims to the high ground with regard to the sanctity of marriage and morals.

    If there’s a plan here, I fail to see it.

    And this worries me a bit. I keep thinking I’m missing something that I ought to be noticing . . . something askew that I can’t put my finger on.

  8. “If there’s a plan here, I fail to see it.”
    Perhaps the owners of the RNC got together and decided to wait 4 more years to “take back the country”.
    Perhaps they thought things are shaping up, but still a bit too funky to claim ownership, so the kenyan born nigra muslim gets another 4 more years to sort out Afghanistan,Iraq, and AFRACOM.
    Four more years, and employment will be back in the black, but people will want a change, and another crisis will work just fine.
    Perhaps the plan is to hand knives to the wanna bees and watch the theater as they publically gut each other in a strange kabuki dance.
    In four more years, they can finally offer a “Jeb!” ticket.
    In four more years, the Bush toxin will have faded.

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