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  1. What the heck is Mitch Daniels talking about? “Trickle-down government”? WTF? Is that something he cooked up back when he was Bush’s budget directory.

    “half of those under 30 did not go to work today”? Yeah? How many went to school? How many are between the ages of 0 and 17? Don’t bullshit me with numbers, you jerk.

    I find it hard to actual focus on what he’s saying… he so full of bafflegab and spin. Wait, did he really just go the the ‘lightbulb’ cheap shot? Oy. What a slick worm.

    It’s a sign of how sad the GOP field is that some were hoping he’d get in the run for President this year.

    Off hand, I’d say he played right into Obama’s plan to portray himself as optimistic and the GOP as negative ninnies. Oh, and Chris Matthews thinks it’s a good speech, which must mean that I’m right- it sucked.

  2. Only in passing:

    in word and deed, the president and his allies tell us that we just cannot handle ourselves in this complex, perilous world without their benevolent protection. Left to ourselves, we might pick the wrong health insurance, the wrong mortgage, the wrong school for our kids; why, unless they stop us, we might pick the wrong light bulb.

    What crap.

  3. Obama hit a home run, pure and simple.

    Republicans not only represent decay, but are increasingly reactionary. Conservative means you want to go slower than moderates or liberals. There are no conservatives running on the Republican side. Just reactionaries who can’t make up their minds whether they want 1955, 1925 or 1895.

    Obama says we need an economy that lasts. There’s a lot of dig in that, if you’ll pardon the pun. Republicans want to scrap the bottom of the barrel for tar sands in the far corners of Canada. If that doesn’t tell you we need to change, nothing does. Digging up dirty tar sands is not going to get our economy very far into the 21st century.

  4. I watched on NBC where Romney was interviewed by MSNBC after the speech. He basically said “All those ideas were mine, Obama stole them from me.” This guy lies so much he hardly knows who he is anymore. Romney also asked “what was Obama doing while we were coming up with all these ideas?” Naturally, he had answer in hand which was “Nothing.” I seem to recall it differently. They were against any idea Obama was for and he on occasion used it as jiu-jitsu by being for things all Americans are for and true to their role as unconditional naysayers they had to be against it too. So now they’re saying that all Obama’s ideas are theirs. It’s enough to make your head spin.

    I think the defining theme in this campaign is going to be the question that has been posed quite a bit lately — How is it fair for someone making millions to pay less % in tax than their secretary?

    I’ve been bludgeoned twice tonight by the talking point du jour of “What do you have against success?” as conservatives try to make any capital gains tax over 0% sound as if it were double taxation…as if capital gains tax is not on profit but rather that which has already been taxed once. What does it matter if profit is made by the sweat of one’s brow or by investing? They’re basically saying that because someone has amassed wealth beyond that needed for food, shelter, educating their kids, and a luxurious retirement that different rules should apply because of how they make their money. This is beyond insane. It maintains that because someone made a pile of money their future profit using it should be given a tax holiday. OK then, because I worked yesterday and the money I earned paid rent on my humble abode that affords me get a good night sleep so I can work tomorrow then tomorrows profit should be tax exempt. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    No wonder they are left with a base that sometimes consists of a base distinguished by little more than insensitive greed and racism. Both are what the late Kurt Vonnegut labeled PPs or psychopathic personalities, divining out of the ether a different set of rules for themselves than would apply to others.

    It’s sad that so many Americans have been bombarded with fearful narratives regarding their jobs that they see no alternative other than giving them whatever they ask for….class-wise Uncle Toms doing the bidding of their keepers. They’ve swallowed the idea that the captains of industry are teetering on the brink, just as they are and it’s a big lie.

  5. I turned on the radio at 7 pm, and listened for some information. Just got a lot of absurdity from Republicans, mostly. I don’t have a TV, so asked my daughter to TIVO the speech for me and I’ll watch it tonight at her house. I went to bed and read something, instead of trying to listen to the speech.

  6. As sure as the sun rises in the morning the GOP will magnanimously make a conciliatory gesture in the form of a flat tax to rid our land of these hideous inequities. You know, just to demonstrate what caring sensitive people they are.

  7. Astounding quote above: “Left to ourselves, we might pick the wrong health insurance, the wrong mortgage, the wrong school for our kids; why, unless they stop us, we might pick the wrong light bulb.” Mitch manages to 1) support the predatory lenders; 2) trash people with the gall to get sick; 3) support racist-separate-but-equal types; 4) and “dis” energy conservation in favor of Big Oil (presumably) all in one sentence. He didn’t cover creationism, labor, or the flatness of the Earth, but maybe those were covered in the rest of the speech?

  8. Craig, I think they want to go back to 1860. Or maybe 1785, when slaves were legal, and the country was run under The Articles of Confederation.

    I thought Obama gave a good SOTU.

    I didn’t stick around for Lil’ Mitch’s STFU response.

    Why would I?
    It was going to be their typical BS lying talking points. Whatever Obama’s for, they’re against – except the military. Only he doesn’t want to go into Iran, and they do.

  9. Newt asked the other day what country Obama thought he was speaking to. I think I know what century Newt is speaking to.

  10. I’ve a question:
    Has an opposition response always been a part of the State of the Union? It is so tiresome – I guess I’m sick of all of this.

    • Has an opposition response always been a part of the State of the Union?

      Certainly not, but I don’t remember when it started. Relatively recently, I think.

  11. Republicans continue to trot out their standard buzz words – socialism, class warfare, big government, taxes – expecting the electorate to throw up their hands in horror and subsequently vote Republican.

    As to “class warfare” which I think is fairly new on the list of buzzes, of course this is class warfare. The mega-rich have been conducting class warfare against the middle class for about 30 years. Apparently, to a Republican, when the middle class looks like it’s retaliating, it’s a suddenly negative? Get real and hang on, Republicans, hopefully it will be a bumpy and entirely unpleasant ride.

    As far as the SOTU address, what came up for me is a president with a functioning brain in a contest with a lizard-brain (Newt) or a gnat-brain (Mitt.) To borrow the Speaker’s latest word ‘pathetic,’ that contest will be pathetic, to say the least.

  12. Felicity, the last part of your comment nails it, and Obama’s oratory skills will eventually convince the unwashed masses.
    He breaks the whole deal down so it’s easy to digest; they’re dickin’ us, and only a fool can’t notice.
    As George Carlin stated, the system threw the middle class overboard 30 f’in years ago, people are finally waking up.
    I was greatly impressed by the President last night.

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