Newt Blows Off the NYC Vote

The great gas-passing orifice erupts:

Speaking in Las Vegas ahead of the Nevada caucus, a contest he is sure to lose, Gingrich attacked “elites” in Manhattan who live in high rises and “ride the subway.”

Oh, I so hope Newt stays in the race until the very bitter end. Who else would say anything this stupid? Well, OK, Rick Santorum. And Mittens. But let’s go on …

It must be beyond perplexing to a native New Yorker that anyone would conflate elitism with subway riding. The truly elite don’t take the subways; they have chauffeurs. The exception is Mayor Bloomberg, who famously takes the subway to work to show that he’s a man of the people. However, according to Gothamist, Hizzoner is picked up at his Upper East Side townhome and rides 22 blocks in a chaffeur-driven Chevy Suburban to the 59th Street and Lexington station, and he catches the subway (I assume the downtown express train to Borough Hall) from there.

I think the real slam here is to paint all of New York City as somehow outside America (I guess 9/11 really is forgotten). It’s a mysterious, intimidating place where people use alien words like “bodega.” And except for the truly elite, the New York City subways may be one of the few places in America where people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and nearly all economic circumstances mingle together as equals. Is that what’s really bothering you, Newt?

16 thoughts on “Newt Blows Off the NYC Vote

  1. Oh, them CRAZY NIGRA’S – livin’ high-off-the-hog on welfare and food stamps, with their luxury subway’s and union conductors!
    Sh*t, they just stare at the Whitey’s, make them get up, and sit in their seats.

    Uhm, maybe someone needs to tell Newt that, unlike in the South, where they live in trailer parks, poor people in “urban” environments also live, like their rich counterparts, in high rises. Just not in opulent ones, with doormen. They’re usually called “projects”- instead of single and double-wide’s.

    Oh, or in ones where the heat, lights, and elevators work. Because, nothing’s too good for our rich folks. We can’t inconvenience them in any way.

    I hope he don’t quit – ’cause Newt’s a beaut!
    What a dope! WHAT A MAROON!!!

  2. Newt really is a gift to those who want to paint the GOP as nasty, dishonest, selfish bastards. The better he does in the race, the easier it is to make the case.

  3. And i was SO hoping that I could get into Newt’s moon colony and that they would have some sort of “Lunar Rapid Transit, but I guess, we’ll all have to save up for Moonhummers.

  4. I worked in Brooklyn for 3 years and lived in East Meadow. I only made it to Manhattan once or twice, to Queens quite a few times. Our 3rd child was born in Queens.

    I think cities are neat. I like cities. I have lived in and/or worked in a lot of the bigger cities in the country, such as New York, Boston Wash, DC, Chicago, San Fran & LA.

    Unfortunately, my retirement income is not big enough to allow me to live in a city anymore.

  5. I’ve been fantasizing about a Mittens/Newt ticket, but I suspect the GOP will look for someone more unknown but almost as colorful.

  6. moonbat …I got the feeling after seeing Nancy Pelosi’s interview regarding Newt’s electabilty that he’s persona non grata in the Repuglican establishment. He was given a kiss of death when they booted him out of Congress but he choose to disregard his piriah status and crash the party in spite of the distain they have for him. Newt has no possibility of electability in any capacity. Even Bob Dole mustered to take a shot at Newt…Newt’s primary objective is to boost the value of his own stock and inflate his ego as an historian and scholar/thinker. To me he’s nothing but a big bag of shit!

    I hope he stays in the race for as long as possible for purely entertaiment value, and the damage that he can inflict on both Mitten’s candidacy and the GOP.

    I think the reason Newt doesn’t want to vie for the NYC vote is because with all its ethnic diversity Newt just doesn’t fit in…NYC doesn’t have a chowder head community where Newt can feel at home.

  7. My, what “chootes pah”, having carte blanche at Tiffany and co. , while being critical of the “elite”.
    Only Newt could pull that off.

  8. This is a ploy to ‘Rally the Rubes’ by criticizing city folks in an attempt to appeal to country folks who make up his base. Newt carried the Florida panhandle (rural) – Mitt carried Miami, and the I-4 corridor. (city). Kudos to Newt for grasping the demographics which define his support.

    Unfortunately, he hasn’t stumbled onto the demographic doom for his campaign spelled out in the fact – way more people live in the city than the country. (Shouldn’t somebody tell him? )

  9. I have been a reader and book lover for many years. Recently I came into possession of copy of Gingrich’s novel “Pearl Harbor”. Let me tell you the satisfaction I had pulling the book apart and ripping it up.

  10. if shit were sentient
    would it glorify the Newt
    recognize a kindred spirit
    both from the same old chute

    self righteous smug old bastard
    the Uber Ego, Alpha Prime
    excrement and Gingrich
    only one of which is slime

    it’s curious and abhorrent
    this election campaign sham
    while the country’s inundated
    there’s water over the Dam!

    like wolves on a carcass
    these Republicans form a pack
    and the meat that they are after
    well it’s you, you are their snack

    you’re not human you’re Doritos
    Little Debbies and Twinkies too
    to the rich the Ultra Rich!!
    we’re a big ass junk food Zoo!

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