Does Hoekstra’s Ad Even Make Sense?

Beyond the aura of racism/xenophobia, does Pete Hoekstra’s ad even make sense? Former Michigan congressman Hoekstra is running for Senate against incumbent Debbie Stabenow, and the ad tries to argue that Sen. Stabenow’s votes on spending bills are sending jobs to China. (Rather than what’s really sending jobs to China — good ol’ “free market” capitalism.)

11 thoughts on “Does Hoekstra’s Ad Even Make Sense?

  1. I’m surprised Pete “Hock a Loogie” didn’t say that money is Stanenow and the Democrats “chink” in their armor.

    What a horrible human being.

    And what was that young woman thinking?

    I was an actor, and I would NEVER do an ad that I didn’t agree with. I don’t care about the money. A role, or part, is different, because there’s the context of the play/movie/TV show. But then, again, if I didn’t agree with the context, I wouldn’t take the part.

    It’s one think to play the racist Sheriff in “In The Heat Of The Night.” Or a racist in a show/commercial trying to make a point that racism is bad.
    It’s another one to a part in a commercial that mocks, or demonizes your race.
    But, the world is full of fools and greedy people.

  2. It makes perfect sense by conservative standards. It makes you afraid that nonwhite people are taking over America, and it makes up a name for a political opponent. It’s been at least 30 years since conservatism has been about anything else.

  3. Yes. It demeans two women at once, along with ethnicity – while reminding us that politics (and life) is all about money. Classic republicanism.

  4. He could have made the same point by having the young lady speak Chinese and used sub-titles for the translation. This way he gets to shore up his support from the morons who like racist stereotypes.

  5. But to answer your question, the ad does overlook Hoekstra’s votes on the Iraq war and Bush tax cuts, so, no, it doesn’t make much sense.

  6. And what was that young woman thinking?

    I was an actor, and I would NEVER do an ad that I didn’t agree with.

    He probably off-shored the acting job to China, so there was less moral ick on the part of the actor.

  7. It makes sense to me in that he is blaming the Democrats for the deficits and we are borrowing money from China to fund government spending, therefore we are sending money to China. This ignores the fact that most of the deficits were run up by the GOP, but that is the current GOP meme.

    @James Fp Epperson: for the subtitles to be effective, the viewers would have to be able to read and comprehend. This is not a given in the GOP demographic.

    BTW, I am a Michigander, and find this ad disgusting. Hoekstra is mimicking Snyder’s success with a Superbowl ad when he was running for guv. But Snyder ran as an outsider and moderate, a tech nerd. Hoekstra does not have those bonafides. He’s a career politician, and voted for the Wall Street bail out.

  8. Wait till you see the one he probably has planned with a guy on a camel laughing about our military budget being reduced and adding to his “freedoms”.

  9. If you turn off the sound and look at Hoekstra’s face, you can see the smirk, plain as day. He is clearly so third-tier, one wonders why he hasn’t thrown his hat into this year’s presidential primaries.

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