9 thoughts on “The Ad that Offended Karl Rove

  1. “Like America cares what you think.” yea! And, did you hear? Romney won Nevada because the Donald’s endorsement. Another “legend in his own mind”.

  2. Republicans have no shame. Rooting for the US economy to tank merely to get elected is just plain shameful.

  3. In a saner country, that sociopathic and ignorant, pasty-faced lump of protoplasm would be praying, again, that today is the first day in years that the other prisoners don’t prey upon him.

    I don’t advocate rape when I say that. Not by any means. I condemn it. But, having taught in a Maximum Security Prison for a few years, I’m just stating a sad state of reality.

    And I’ll give Little Boots this much credit – at least he’s keeping his shamed mouth shut, for the most part.

    So, STF up Karl.
    You were the American version of a combination of Joseph Goebbel’s and Albert Speer – the mouth and architect of the disaster we find ourselves in.

  4. The message I took from the Eastwood/Chrysler video was: If we don’t hang together, we’ll hang separately. Naturally Rove would take offense at this, seeing’s his modus operandi has always been divide and conquor.

    Rove may be some kind of political genius, but so far as I can tell he seems to be more of a two-trick pony: 1. Attack opponents’ strengths, and 2. Accuse the Democrats of any skullduggery that can be traced to the doorstep of Republican candidates and/or the Republican Party.

    It goes without saying this must be done vociferously, ubiquitiously and quickly, to smother any damning truths and/or actual facts before they have a chance to burst into flame.

  5. An interview with Eastwood’s manager. “Its not political.”


    Two points. 1) Eastwood held rewrite the ad. 2) Eastwood doesn’t need the money. Now throw in the history. Eastwood voted for McCain and opposed the auto bailouts(s). Now, without seeing the ad through any political prism, watch again for the MESSAGE.

    IMO – “We can succeed and prosper (all of us) by pulling together.” Why does that message dismay republicans? Maybe because they are perceived by the public as obstructing and preventing. And the messenger is an icon of independence in his acting, business and political careers. Ouch.

    I wondered if most of the superbowl audience was too loaded to ‘get’ the ad. Fortunately, Rover and Malikin are calling attention to it. Thanks, guys.

  6. cund – doesn’t Rove remind you of the Pillsbury Dough Boy? Looks like him and if poked would prove to be he, I’m sure.

  7. Felicity,
    PDB was too nice.
    Though I’m sure if it was Jeff Gannon “poking” him, Karl would giggle.

    More like a nasty version of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man, or Michelin Man.

  8. Karl Rove = giant marshmallow monster in Ghostbusters.

    Accuse Dirty Harry of being a Commie? Karl Rove actually expects anybody to buy that?! Dude is off his meds. Just sayin’.

    – Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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