Game Change

I’m watching “Game Change” on HBO, about the McCain Palin campaign, and it’s a hoot. If you’re missing it try to catch it when you can.

Update: Taylor Marsh writes a review with which I entirely agree. The movie was extremely kind to John McCain (played by Ed Harris), but it nailed Moosewoman (played by Julianne Moore, who will almost certainly be nominated for an Emmy for this).

It was priceless to watch Steve Schmidt (Woody Harrelson) as the truth about Palin’s ignorance of the world dawns on him. He has to explain to Moosewoman what the Federal Reserve is and that the head of state in Britain is the prime minister, not the queen. There’s a great scene in which some foreign policy experts show up to prep Palin for some event, and they end up showing her a map of Europe and saying “See? This is Germany.”

See also Tbogg and John Cole.

And while you are at Balloon Juice, read about Fionn and Druid. Beautiful story.

10 thoughts on “Game Change

  1. We can’t afford HBO, so I’ll have to pass.
    Besides, I sat there, aghast, watching the real-life spectacle/debacle, just under 4 years ago – why would I want to watch it again?
    What new insights will I draw?
    That McCain and his staff were desperate idiots?
    I already know that. I saw the evidence. And I still see that evidence, every time that idiotic clown opens her stupid pie-hole, and the MSM deems her word-turds worthy of wasting electrons.
    “The Whore of Babblin’ On,” is a mindless, soul-less, grifter, who shows her monumental ignorance whenever a camera or microphone is pointed anywhere near her.
    I understand that there’s a moment in the film, where Sarah Palin sits down and watches herself be openly mocked on SNL.
    Now, if you showed me ACTUAL footage of that – THAT, I’d pay for!
    It’s not often in this country where an openly idiotic person is openly mocked. SNL ought to get her and Donald Trump on together, and openly mock the two of them – which they probably wouldn’t understand, even as it was being done – right in front of their eyes. They could have the two idiots sing that old Sonny and Cher duet, “I Got You, Babe.”
    There’s not enough bad sh*t that can happen to that epically mindless and soul-less grifter (her, or The Donald – take your pick!).
    And, sadly, not enough will…

  2. Read the book, and have it DVRed. Watched five minutes of before watching the Ides of March (not good, I didn’t think) last night. Pretty cringe inducing, the part I saw.

  3. The Grifter Sarah Palin was a lightning rod for the Republicans, but if you choose someone as volatile as she, you have to back her up, educate her, and keep her focused. The Republicans loosed a wild cannon and it sprayed schrapnel all over the party. For all their cries for vetting the President, they never even scratched the surface of Palin’s checkered past, and they paid the price.

    I’m not one bit interested in revisiting this part of history. Palin can fade away into tabloid obscurity as far as I’m concerned. I’m glad for her role in damaging the GOP, but I couldn’t care less about her feelings or her role in politics from here on out. She brought the scrutiny and criticism onto herself. She should become an asterisk on the Political Also-Ran list.

  4. What donnah said.
    I saw a clip when Julianne was on The Daily Show, and despite her amazing mimicry, vowed to avoid the whole thing.
    Would that I could do that retroactively. It’s just not entertainment to me.

  5. Watching ABC’s gabfest with Jake Tapper, Austan Goolsbee, Mary Matalin, Eliot Spitzer; Nicolle Wallace.

    Matalin and Wallace are disgusting human beings – AND LIARS!
    They keep trying to polish the Conservative turds with their words.

    And no Paul Krugman!

    Never mind “Game Change” – time for CHANNEL CHANGE!!!

  6. OY!

    Peggy Noonan on Gregory’s gabfest.

    Peggy, dear heart, don’t drink this early in the morning. It’s unbecoming!
    You’re plenty stupid without it…

  7. Um, actually in England the Queen IS the Head of State.

    The Prime Minister is the head of the GOVERNMENT.

    The U.S. by the way is just about the only place in the world where the same person is both head of state and head of government; most countries have some kind of figurehead for head of state.

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