Today’s Paranoid News

This weekend President Obama executed a coup against Congress and the American people, according to a number of rightie bloggers. The President will personally be coming for your guns and womenfolk and will probably confiscate your Bibles and your beer as well. Well, unless it’s Schlitz or Coors Lite; you can keep those. Pam Geller (to whom I do not link) claims that even our bodies have been nationalized and are now subject to presidential whim.

How did he do this? He signed this executive order. To be fair, not everyone on the Right is preparing for a final shoot-out for freedom in the mountains somewhere. Even William Jacobson figured out we are not really under martial law.

So if you want something real to worry about, read “The Collapse of Employment-Based Coverage” by Krugman. Although, also too, “First They Came for the Golf Courses.”

9 thoughts on “Today’s Paranoid News

  1. ZOMG!
    There goes Liberty!
    There goes Freedom!!
    There go Free Markets!!!
    Oh, Sweet Jesus, please save us, your loving and loyal American people!!!!

    Obama ought to just say he’s going to give a speech, and when everyone’s there, say just one word: “BOO!”

    And let the right go nuts trying to figure out what he’s talking about.
    They’ll bring-up every whacky conspiracy theory from coming to take their guns, to lesbian vampire Girl Scouts, to the international Jewish conspiracy (even though Obama hate the Jews, and they, him), to saying that “Boo” means kill whitey in Chinese, to Obama being from the planet “Negron.”

  2. So, Sher Zieve (and others) deliberately stimulate panic so they will have something to write about. This is Journalism, Now.

  3. I’ll be back to comment later..I’m a little busy right now robo- baptizing dead Jews.

  4. I checked out the first link. Now I think I have to take a long hot shower and take some antibiotics.

  5. As someone who used to work in the Federal Government. It is possible that this is just an updated EO that was already in place.

  6. Ms. Geller is the bellwether canary for every massive gas leak to occur in the Rightie blogosphere.

  7. Just the re-authorization of a 1950 item? Isn’t that from the Golden Age, as in Ike and Arthur Godfrey? And back before those nasty seat belts and amber turn signals on cars corrupted “Our Freedoms”?

  8. My question is why and why now? Now dont get me wrong.. I am not in the righties freak out camp, but Obama, last I checked, works for us as a public I dont think it is to much to ask that we understand WHY he did it and why now.

    I am all for procedure, and being pre prepared to deal with emergency situations..hell think how much better of the people of N.O would have been had bush would have cared enough to prepare at all in advance for the possible event.

    And I can tell you, although Obama and I have not always seen eye to eye I will sleep 100% sound tonight , totally un worried that he might abuse the power. I may not always like the choices he has made, but I can always respect that he has made them with a sound mind. If nothing else this is a man who THINKS a million times and acts once…unlike the last one, who acted a million times before a thought ever entered his little brain..and that is where my problem is…

    I am not so worried about Obama having this option, but how about the next jack ass? You want Obama to grant this power to anal leakage boy? Holy crap now you’ve reached a snag with me. I don’t trust this person who thinks Gays being allowed to marry will lead to men trying to marry their dogs not to abuse this option. You can see by just this one thing he said he lacks the ability to have rational thought..but now we are suppose to trust him to start?And please don’t even get me started on mittens..there is a reason mom put them on strings when we were kids thats all I am sayin.The blank check in a election year..not so cool with me. Maybe if I understood why>>??I don’t believe when I ask why that his reasons are anything less than honest I am just trying to understand.WHY?

  9. I tend to look at this as Bonnie does. This is not new, except that the current President has set his name to it.

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