Death and Taxes Updates

A new piece of information in the Trayvon Martin case came out this afternoon, which is that up until moments before he was killed Martin was talking on his cell phone with his girlfriend. Phone records support this. The young lady said that Martin had become aware that someone was following him and had tried to get away.

If that shooting wasn’t criminal I don’t know what is.

The other news is that Paul Ryan has come out with a new budget that, in the grand tradition of Paul Ryan budgets, would end Medicare in favor of a bigger defense budget and tax cuts for millionaires. The wonder is that Ryan still hasn’t figured out that this stuff is toxic for his party during an election year. He must be very stupid.

9 thoughts on “Death and Taxes Updates

  1. “He must be very stupid. ” Most likely. But “stupid” has been no liability to the GOP historically (at least WRT to the voters; WRT governance is another matter).

  2. Are you kidding?
    “Stupid” IS the selling point!
    Cruel, ignorant, hateful, misogynistic, xenophobic, and homophobic, are the cherry, sprinkles, caramel, nuts, chocolate syrup, and whipped-cream, on that sundae!

    “‘They’ want a person they can have a beer with.”
    And God/Goddess/FSM knows, they wouldn’t want one with a person who cares about anyone but themselves.
    After all, they’re not “sharing” that beer. They’re having their own, while the candidate has is. In their minds – THEY’RE EQUAL!!!

    The “stupid” runs deep and wide in this country.

  3. Sadly, both topics in this post relate to the fact that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Please, everybody, keep quiet about Ryan’s plan and let him sink his own party with the voters. The more he touts it and gets agreement from his peers, the worse they will look.

    As for the murdered child, doesn’t it make you wonder about why Zimmerman called 911 nearly 50 times in less than 3 months? Was there really that much going on in his community? Or was he a pest who should have been dealt with rather than being allowed to play policeman? The “gated community” should be pretty calm and have few uninvited guests. What could have prompted 47 calls to 911 in such a place? And in just 75 days?

    Some years ago, “militias” were a popular thing among NC Repbulicans. They saw themselves as providing backup for police, but I never saw anything but a bunch of fat old farts who would have had to call home for their wives to bring extra blood pressure meds if the need arose for any activity beyond porch rocking.

    So: a black kid in a hoodie, drinking tea and eating Skittles gets shot, while bankers steal with a pen and a lie and walk free, having destroyed hundreds of thousands of people’s financial lives. How long till it is Obama’s fault that the first one happened? The second one is already his fault, it seems, since no one seems to know who was president before Obama.

  4. P.S.:


  5. My problem with Paulie Ryan is that whenever I see his face I get an instant flashback to being in grade school. I see him as just a kid and I can’t get past his childish looks to take him seriously. But with his latest budget proposal I can see that he works well with others in his group, completes assignments, and can stay on task.

    It’s like he’s a tenderfoot vying for his propers.

  6. Paul Ryan is brilliant this time around. He will eliminate all the healthcare parts from the ACA, but he is keeping the revenue parts in place so we can all get something for nothing except our 1% overlords who will get their tax cuts funded.

  7. Paul Ryan claims to be a Roman Catholic. He claims to be believe in Ayn Rand. When will the Catholic Church realize that his fealty to Ayn Rand is more important to him than his feelings for God and Christ. He needs to be excommunicated now, for clearly he puts Ayn Rand before God and Christ.

  8. This is a tragic case of how ideology blinds people to the consequences of the “agenda”. The creation of circumstances that allow killing a human being with “no questions asked” as long as the perpetrator claims self defense should have been obvious to anyone with an I.Q. above room temperature. You have to wonder how many other people have been murdered with impunity because of this law. It basically means that as long as there is no witness you can murder and skate.

    And it gets better!! A few days ago, one of my paranoid right wing facebook friends posted a link to an effort to achieve reciprocity for “open carry” laws. That is the single most irresponsible political effort I can imagine.

    Insane is the new normal.

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