3 thoughts on “Enjoy the Video

  1. Sweet FSM, how I love that woman.

    But, as was explained in a link I provided yesterday, this is, in fact, not just a War On Women,” but a ‘War On All Of Us, men AND women, who are not powerful, rich, elite males, and their stupid, ignorant, compliant, convoluted, confused, and complicit, supporters. Women getting more power scares the hell out of those people, and they will do anything to stop that from happening.

    Conservatives find wedge issues to get and hold onto power. And now that religious elements have been added to the ACA and birth control debates, no matter what the SC has to say, R’s will try to turn that decision into ‘Roe v. Wade II,” to be used to rile-up the reactionary religious rubes for support and votes – and, of course – fun and profit, so that they’ll keep voting against their own best interests.

    I’ve said it before – “We are a nation of too many scared and stupid sheep, who willingly place wolves in positions as our shepherds.”
    ‘All the better to eat you, My Dears!”

  2. OMG I love her sooo much! Do you think she would consider adopting me? She is a national treasure. And what a great ad for Obama!Every woman should see this.

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