3 thoughts on “Earl Scruggs, 1924-2012

  1. Yes, he was ALL of that! I love Bluegrass music (and classic C&W; modern C&W – uhm… not so much).

    AND – he was one of the few Bluegrass or C&W musicians to oppose the Vietnam War, and played at anti-war rallies.
    Plus, he was open to new forms of music.

    I’ll pay him one of the greatest compliment that I can – he had a lot of Pete Seeger in him.

  2. I’m sure there’ll be a tribute at Merlefest this spring in North Wilkesboro, and probably a good number of recognitions and memories at the Traditional tent. He certainly lives on in the performances at the competitions for the young folks, too. Their amazing virtuosity is a testament to the staying power of this music.

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