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I was going to give a “Well, Aren’t We Just Too Precious” Clueless Self-Absorption Award to Meghan Daum of the Los Angeles Times, but Jonathan Chait found another emotionally stunted wonder who may deserve it even more.

The blogosphere is all a-twitter today about this blatantly racist screed by NRO’s John Derbyshire. Here’s an abridged version if you don’t have the stomach to wade through the whole thing. “The talk” somebody should have had with Derbyshire is that if you can’t rid yourself of your bigotry, at least have the grace to not pass it on to your children.

4 thoughts on “Wonders on the Web

  1. maha, Derb has NO grace to pass on…

    William F. Buckley is spinning in his grave – from joy!
    After all, this is something he easily could have written in the late 50’s to early-mid 60’s, but had the good taste not to print.

    Also, the only way Derb get’s fired, is because the National Review expects exclusive rights to his “A” material. And yes, I know this get’s an “F” for style and content, but it’s pretty much a nice, neat, “A+” encapsulation of National Review’s outlook towards race.

    And Derb’s no Satchel Paige when it comes to rules.
    Despite Derb’s degree’s and such, Satch’s rules have style. Plus, Satch had a heart, and a brain!

    Mr. Derbyshire, if you find yourself in one of “those” neighborhoods, ‘don’t look back – someONE may be gaining on you.” And I hope he/she f’in catches you.

    C’mon Conservatives, stop with the dog whistles!
    I know that this littly diatribe’s a nice first step, but go ahead, yell “N*GGER! N*GGER!! NIGGER!!!” at the top of your lungs – you’ll feel better. You know you want to!

  2. you’ll feel better

    Mitch McConnell is so pent up with frustration that his eyes are bulging out of his head.

  3. I , for some reason , cannot get to the entire piece with the link provided here or in the abridged version..but after reading the abridged version I wonder is the right TRYING to start a divide of races to create a wedge issue for the up coming election cycle? Who wins by planting these notions in the minds of conservatives? Its almost like they are trying to recast the face of the Black American into a scarey monster..Do they think we will divide into a blacks against white thing?Hmm what could be their pay off for making white America fearful of Black American males?

    I have hope for the writers children. In the foster home where I spent much of my childhood hate for other races was not only taught, but expected. And when I didn’t produce there was shame put upon me for it.The things I saw shaped my feelings towards all people. I felt sorrow for the people they hated but didnt even know. There was no valid reason.I felt ashamed for them.Turns out my biggest problem is with white men if I HAD to choose a whole race to dislike the biggest pool of candidates would be war criminals like bush and cheney who should be on trial at the hague for their acts- evil- white men( sorry to all you non evil guys). So I guess I learned my fear and dislike by experience and not so much by what I was taught.I am glad I got to see that because it shaped everything I believe.Those people showed me who I was NOT. When I think thru my life all I have gained from everyone of all colors , shapes, sizes, faiths that have touched my life I feel blessed- imagine what I might have missed if I had let their teaching rule my heart and mind.
    And as always Maha, you are spot on.

    I did get one thing of use out of the abridged version..I need to stay out of the chocolate store at the mall..all that candy is kinda “dark” and there IS a lot of it..it could over take me and frankly with all the frightened white men packing guns here it’s probably pretty damn dangerous and maybe the closest I will come to being shot on any given day(Did I mention all the freaked out white guys with guns that think a permit to carry is a license to kill?).

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