5 thoughts on “Calling Inspector Javert

  1. Ah, yes, because Conservatives believe that in a jobless economy, cutting Welfare builds initiative!

    What sort of initiative, you may ask?

    Well, the sort that resulted after the character Paul Muni was playing in “I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang,” James Allen, a WWI hero, who found himself, after the war without a job, and got accidentally involved in a robbery and was sentenced to 10 years on a chain gang, and plots to run away.
    After escaping, he became successful in the construction business, got married to a nasty woman, and after he meets a nice girl, his wife tried to blackmail him, and when he doesn’t go along with her terms, she turns him into the police. The cops BS him into thinking he’ll get a pardon for his prior escape, only to find that it was all a ruse, and that they’re planning on returning him to a chain gang.
    He escapes again, and when the woman he loves finds him on the street, she asks if she can help him, asks if he needs any money.
    He turns down her offers.
    She asks him, “But how do you live?”
    “I steal,” is his unforgettable last line in the movie.

    So congratulations, you putrid Conservative sphincters!
    By cutting Welfare, you’re encouraging people who have no other choices, and need to eat and have shelter for themselves and their families, into a life of crime.
    Because, in a jobless economy, what’s a person without to do, but steal from those with?
    And, isn’t that what the “Stand Your Ground” law is all about.

  2. Military families have out-paced the civilian poor as needing food-stamps to adequately feed their families . Do support-our-troops spouting Republicans really want to cut, reduce food stamps for military families? If they support the Ryan budget, they do.

    So much of the spirit and even the words of the Bill of Rights have been lost over the last 35 years that reading it is like reading something meant for a different country than this one.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m sitting at the bed side of a dying friend.

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