This Is What Grasping at Straws Looks Like

Mittens is convinced he can erase the gender gap by exploiting the phony “war on moms” issue. Weirdly, he even dragged Ann Romney onstage to talk about the glories of mommyhood at the NRA convention yesterday. One suspects this was not a predominately female audience.

And now the GOP is pushing “war on moms” bumper stickers and coffee mugs! Yeah, there’s nothing like a slogan on a coffee mug to make me re-think my priorities. (/snark)

Republicans actually have declared the “war on women” to be over, now that they have a “women’s message” they think will overcome the negatives. It’ll be a few days before the polls show us anything, but it’s hard to believe the younger college-educated women who have been driving the increasing “gender gap” are going to be fooled by pro-mommyhood messaging. An appeal to emotions doesn’t erase Mittens’s largely anti-woman agenda.

5 thoughts on “This Is What Grasping at Straws Looks Like

  1. I have a bumper-sticker for our side:
    “Mom’s Are Smart!
    That’s Why More Mom’s Are Democrats!!!”

    Conservatives have gone beyond twisting the truth into pretzels.
    The way they twist it now, it’s starting to resemble the double-helix of DNA – which they probably don’t believe in, since that’s too sciencey.

  2. I was distracted by the way Ann Romney held onto the podium, i hardly heard anything she said. She was so commanding and in control, just like a big corporate exec. I think the coaching was way too obvious.

  3. Re: young women.

    I’m trying to put myself in the mindset here (it’s hard, I’m a middle aged guy).

    “The GOP has just told me I’m allowed to have sex, but *only* if I’m well off enough to pay for health care and (if I don’t want a baby) birth control, and that it’s horrible if an insurance company has to pay for birth control, even though it’s cheaper for them than paying for a pregnancy (planned or unplanned). And they’re fighting so that if I find myself with an unwanted pregnancy, I might have to jump through humiliating hoops to end it, as if I didn’t know what was going on with my body – maybe I *couldn’t* abort a pregnancy, but I sure as hell want the choice, and if I make that choice, I don’t need some asshole telling me that my choice was the wrong one!

    “Some of them are even fighting so that if someone pays me less money for the same work, just because I have a (I assume I’d use a rude word here – that’s the kind of person I am when speaking contemptuously – but as a guy, I can’t make myself) instead of a penis, I don’t have any grounds to seek legal redress.

    “BUT OMG MOMS! They celebrate stay-at-home moms! SQUEE!”

    Yeah, it’s just not working for me. Could it be my acting skills are too weak?

    • Yeah, it’s just not working for me. Could it be my acting skills are too weak?

      If they continue to go overboard on the “mommy” message it might even backfire. We’ll see.

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