Mittens Is Going to Be Very Sorry

He probably thinks he has found the key for winning back women’s votes by piling on the old “mommy wars.” But then Chris Hayes found this, from January:

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So, according to Mittens, stay-at-home moms don’t understand the “dignity of work.” Chris Hayes continues,

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And Chris Hayes reminds us that for years we’ve heard that poor and single mothers must be pushed into the work force so that they aren’t lazy and dependent. But wealthier women actually enjoy tax benefits for staying home. If you want to see more of this morning’s program, see the Chris Hayes page.

Ryan Grim spells it out at Huffington Post. See also Alex Seitz-Wald at Think Progress

Most of us who had to work to support ourselves and our children had it up to here with the “mommy wars” years ago. Yes, raising kids is work, but raising kids while working full time is more work. A lot more work. Especially when you can’t afford housekeepers and cooks and nannies.

I think Mittens may be about to find out that the “mommy wars” aren’t the opportunity he thought they were. Let’s see what Mr. Etch-a-Sketch has to say about his welfare policies in the next few days.

7 thoughts on “Mittens Is Going to Be Very Sorry

  1. Mitt: Welfare women need to go back to work!

    Yes, Mittens, because in a JOBLESS ECONOMY, we can’t have people without dignity running around, sucking the “Job Creator’s” money for trifles like food, shelter, clothing, and hygiene.

    Without jobs? YES!
    Without dignity? NO!

    Listen, Thurston Mitt Howell the 3rd, where are these mythical jobs going to come from?

    ‘Cause the only place I can see them coming from is you and your fellow Conservative’s asses!!!

    Jeez! Get a job.

    Why didn’t I think of that?

    Something tells me “The War on Women” may soon turn into WWIII.

  2. As a single, never married woman, I grew very tired of the mommy wars years ago. I dislike any person who says women had/have a choice to work outside the home or not. (I’m thinking of woman with a large following of people trying to declutter and clean their homes.) After college I had no choice but to begin working to support myself. My Edwardian-ish Germanic father, sure as hell, wasn’t going to keep supporting me.

  3. I don’t generally watch Chris Hayes, but my hat is off for the way he admitted how the media on both sides has reacted with all the dignity of Pablov’s dogs. (And that’s my description.) I have been disgusted by a callused attempt on both sides to gain some sort of an edge by exploiting the debate without examining the ‘principle’, a word Chris used.

    How we handle children in this society is as fundamental and crucial as any issue can be. How we create the opportunity or restrict the opportunity for a mom to succeed at the most important job she will have – is not something the democrats or republicans should treat as momentary propaganda fodder for the campaign.

    I’m in my second (current) marriage – we have an exceptional 8-yo daughter. She’s in gifted classes, fluent in 2 languages, plays the piano – I mean reads music and plays well. This isn’t a parental vanity thing – my best friends look at my daughter and ask who the father really is. But credit goes to her mom and I am convinced that a lot of parenting that went right in this marriage can be taught – that intervention with new moms who really want to do parenting well – but have discovered to their dismay that the baby was born with no instruction manual.

    Making moms work doesn’t enhance parenting skills. Neither does just sending assistance. We need to take the ‘game’ to the next level – and commit to creating a set of tools to put in in the same toolbox as gov’t assistance to teach moms how to succeed as moms. That’s not a quick fix – but over a couple of generations we will create a whole new and much improved society.

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