Sore Losers

John McCain, whose success in life came to him because he is a former POW who married money, has gone ballistic because the Obama campaign had the bad taste to remind everyone who killed Osama bin Laden. Yeah, and who was that guy who promised to do that and then quit? Oh, yeah …

Meanwhile, the Breitbrats are flapping about because they found a memo offering some details to the OBL operation, and they learned that the President did not design the mission and was not in charge of minute-to-minute tactical operations. Nor did he ride into Pakistan on a magic carpet and kill OBL personally. Instead, based on the tactical advice of the military, he gave the go-ahead to proceed with the mission.

Which is not news. That’s how I understood the mission all along. Are these yappers brain damaged?

Charles Johnson:

You can tell that President Obama’s successful operation to find (and kill) Osama bin Laden really eats at the right wing; the faux arguments from the wingnut blogosphere are getting more and more obtuse and absurd. Of course, they’re writing for an audience that doesn’t care, as long as they get their daily serving of rancid Obama Derangement stew.

See also Tbogg.

16 thoughts on “Sore Losers

  1. So, America’s sh*ttiest living fighter pilot objects to Obama mentioning that he was responsible for killing ObL, and not “Baby Doc” Bush.

    Note to Conservatives:
    That’s ‘responsible for’ – R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-L-E F-O-R.
    As in, asked and had military experts plan and execute the mission – and ObL.
    The President did NOT claim to have flown in on his own helicopter , shot bin Laden himself, and then flown that helicopter to a waiting air-craft carrier (ala, some other President on a plane), where a “Mission Accomplished!” banner on it awaited him, and held a press conference.

    Every time you say to yourself, “These idjit’s can’t possibly get any more stupid, can they?”, they go out of their way to prove that you can never underestimate the heights of stupidity they can reach. Everest is molehill of stupdity, compared to what we’ll see in the next 6 months.

  2. Yea– and did you hear? The whole bad economy is 100% because of Obama. Including the failed TARP program that WASN’T Obama’s and WASN’T a failure (the Gov got most of the money back). And the failed stimulus, which suffered mostly because it was not as big as economists said it should be, but was successful in that it helped a lot of people keep their jobs.

    Maybe Obama should have donned a flight suit on a carrier, like Mr. Victory did.

  3. Tom b, I almost laughed at your post because my apolitical landlady asked me about these very things this morning, after listening to her Fox News Republican brother. I gently explained a few things to her, but am amazed that people could possibly take pride in having no interest in what happens to their country. Oh, well, I’ll continue working with her.

  4. cund – he’s not even a living “fighter pilot” since he refused to take the physical required to ‘get-his-wings.’

    Aside from that, if I remember correctly Bush even took Osama off the most-wanted-list – odd since Bush was at the time waging two wars, one ostensibly to eradicate Osama and one because it harbored a potential Osama?

  5. Felicity,
    Sorry, when I was talking about America’s sh*ttiest fighter pilot, I was talking about McCain.
    Bush II I would have described as America’s most coked-up part-time sh*tty National Guard pilot.*

    *And son of another pilot, reportedly a pretty good one, who ditched a plane that was on fire in the ocean, and was the only survivor of the three man crew.

    “Papa Doc” Bush was on a lifeboat, drifting towards an island where the Japanese held 8 other fallen pilots. He was protected by American fighter planes which circled until a submarine popped-up and saved him.
    The 8 captured American pilots were executed, by having their heads cut off.

    And I know this is evil of me – but if only there was a stronger wind, or a shallower bottom, we might have been spared all of the damage he, his sons, and the rest of the Bush Crime Family has done to this country.
    Still, if what’s described in the official records is true, “Papa Doc” was a bit of a genuine American hero. IF what’s described is true.
    Is it irresponsible to speculate?
    It would be irresponsible not to…

  6. cund – Bush I was simply more adept at covering up his criminal dealings while in office. Remember Iran/Contra? Before leaving the presidency, Bush I pardoned Weinberger, McFarlane, the national security advisor and four others linked to Iran/Contra. That basically closed the book on Independent Council Walsh’s investigation into Iran/Contra. Given that Walsh considered Bush to be a major subject of the investigation, Bush had managed to pardon himself.

    Was it a matter of a complete lack of foresight or was it a matter of enriching his fat cat friends that Bush I throughout the ’80’s initiated and supported much of the financing, intelligence and military help that built Saddam’s Iraq into the aggressive power it became?

    And then there’s Neil who was fined $50,000 for his criminal dealings in the savings and loan scandal – whereas it cost us $2 billion to make repairs on what he had caused. And then there’s Jeb, the savior of the Republican Party whose history of wheeling and dealing just below the criminal line is common knowledge. And then there’s Marvin, an equally shady character.

    George II, compared to his father and brothers, was/is a dolt when it came to dealing in their nefarious world of greed, corruption and high crime. (In fact, he seems to have decided early on to behave as though stupidity was a virtue.)

  7. Operation Eagle Claw cost Jimmy Carter his presidency…and if the attempt to kill Bin Laden had failed Obama would be guaranteed a one term Presidency. My hat if off to Obama for having the courage to take such an extreme risk…and my heart rejoices that he suceeded..Add to that the fact that Obama is black and it only sweetens my joy in watching these wingnuts come unglued because of that fact.

    They can’t see the content of the character…they can only see the color of the skin!

  8. OMG, where to begin on this one?
    Here goes;
    First of all, I have empathy for McCain, but being shot down and imprisoned (and not executed) by people you are dropping napalm on does not make you a HERO, but does make you damned lucky.
    I think that anyone who has endured what McCain went through would have numerous mental “issues”.I also can’t believe he would embrace “W” after the crap “W” put him through during the 2000 primary election campaign
    It appears that McCain has never met a war he didn’t like, and if he had any critical input during the 2008 five day war in South Ossetia between the Republic of Georgia and Russia, we (as in the USA) would have some serious military problems.
    McCain, and his “Cold War” mindset are way out of step with modern times, and are just plain ignorant and stupid.
    As Pepe Escobar wrote in a recent column, the BRICS are an emerging power who are best not messed with. The “Cold Warriors” and Neocons can’t get that through their thick skulls.
    As far as the OBL issue goes; I think that his killing was mostly symbolic. I believe he was a washed up international pariah, and “getting him”, while big in symbolism, was really not a big deal in the grand picture.(not to dis the President or the Seal team)
    That said, if a OBL was killed while Bush was in office, there would have been several weeks of celebrations. At least Obama did not make the event into a blood lust orgy.
    I believe Felicity has the big picture right re the Bush dynasty, and I believe most Republicans and Libertarians don’t understand cause and effect.
    It pretty much boils down to treating people as you want them treating you, and looking out for the majority. This ain’t brain surgery.

  9. And if this would have been poor Al Gore they would have accused him of “micro mananging ” the operation. I , for one, think it is damn refreshing to see a president who has confidence in the troops that serve this great nation.

    I think even an idiot(hello breibrats) can figure out that this operation was not done by a rogue group of troops on their own. They were directed by the President to make this operation their priority and they did so with outstanding results. It was NOT some willy nilly thing those involved happened upon by accident. They were hunting this murder/ thug down because the president ordered it to happen.I am not shocked at all that the rightie ego is rattled by that. What I am shocked over is that the America hating(?) right is more concerned with making sure Obama doesnt get credit than they are to know justice was done for the 3000 who lost their lives. They can not seem to grasp the 8 plus years jr did nothing to find bin laden and the potential danger that choice left them in.Worse they dont realize bush had every reason to let bin laden go free. Once bush was gone, so were the fear tactics he used to keep people in line.One evil man with the motive to keep another evil man alive.bush JOKED about looking for bin laden under a table.. that joke was on US..because that is the hardest anyone worked to find bin laden on jr’s watch.

    At least Obama had the interest to do his job and give the proper order. Unlike bush who stood before the American people after 3000 lives were lost because he failed to do the basic job of safe guarding the nation and make a damn joke about trying to find their killer.(YEAH I DIDNT FORGET).Oh and by the way how many terrorist attacks have we had on Obamas watch??How many days have you peed yourself in color coded fear about going out or wondered whether it was safe to fly today??Seen any good bin laden tapes lately?It is because of Obama you can take that for granted.We all lived in fear for 8 years because bush let 911 happen and we all wondered when he would screw up again. He told us almost daily to be afraid.You DONT live like that anymore! You have the luxury of instead being afraid Obama may get credit for ending a threat..oh how the times have changed and how soon we forget.

    Thank you President Obama for making it safe for America to return to being petty little twits. I am sure that is what you and our troops have worked so hard for(not). When I go to sleep tonight I wont be afraid to leave you in charge of the keys to the country and for that we should all sleep better. When I see children I am so grateful they no longer have to be afraid if there will be a tomorrow. It is such a comfort to know there is no longer a insane criminal “in charge” and instead a calm, reasoned and steady hand “has got this”

    Dont give him any credit on national security – but your alive to not give him credit because Obama has done his job.bin laden is dead because Obama did his job.The breibrats are a disgrace to the 3000 people who lost their lives and they should be ashamed.

  10. justme277,
    Shame, like empathy, is something that the peeing and pooping in their Depends, fear-dependent, cowardly Conservatives, lack.

    And if “Baby Doc” Bush had, in fact, not been dependent on ObL to serve as some supervillain foil for him and HIS version of ”Heartland Murka,” so he could ratchet-up and maintain a certain fear level to keep people afraid and in control, and HAD, in fact, killed ObL, then they’d have taken that Communist/Socialist/Liberal FDR off of Mt. Rushmore, and put-up the smirking chimp in his place.

    And I, too, rest easier, knowing the country is in far, far better hands now than it was the prior 8 hysterical (and not hysterical as in “ha-ha funny”) years, under the sociopathic and amoral cowards, “Baby Doc” and the REAL supervillain, Dick Cheney.
    But Obama is not only a Democrat, but a black one, and so the only credit they can give him, is to try to discredit any and every thing he does.
    And they hate the fact that, if Obama can keep this country safe for another term, and economically ascendant, that HE will have a much better case to have his visage up on Mt. Rushmore, than either “Baby Doc” or Ronnie, he of the “Reagan De-evolution,” ever will.
    Being incompetent and cowardly, they hate competence, and fear courage. And for that, they attack President Obama (and I STILL get a kick out of saying that – and always will!). They can’t stand it when a black man is twice the ‘man’ they, themselves, are.
    And so they hate him for it. And always will.

    And, if there is, in fact a Jesus, who will he rather have keep him company for all of eternity?
    Barack Hussein Obama?
    Or any of the following: The Koch Brothers, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Tony Perkins, Bill Donohue, Jamie Diamon, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Jim DeMint, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, or others of this ilk?
    I think the answer to that is obvious.

  11. I don’t see how Republicans can (with a straight face) criticize Obama using the killing of Osama in the election. They used Osama as the BIG BAD they had to protect us from for 2 elections, and claimed they were the only ones that could keep us safe from terrorists when the biggest attack was on their watch! Giuliani ran as the 9/11 mayor almost 8 years after the attack! They are so transparent, it’s pathetic.

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