Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest

Somebody explain to Tim Graham of Newsbusters that an “exposé,” by definition, is a news story that exposes something for the first time. Information that somebody already admitted in a book published years ago is already exposed.

Richard Mourdock, the teabagger who defeated Sen. Dick Lugar in the Indiana primaries, compares his outrage that 47 percent of Americans not paying income taxes to Lincoln’s outrage over slavery.

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon managed to lose $2 billion on one risky trade, it was admitted yesterday. Dimon has been known previously for his loud objections to banking regulations, particularly of a sort that would have stopped him from making that trade. He was in Washington just last week to personally lobby the Federal Reserve to weaken the Volcker Rule.


9 thoughts on “Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest

  1. A couple of additional points regarding the Newsbusters “expose”:

    1) There’s a big difference between between stupid things a teen does to him/herself and the bullying that the teenaged Mitt Romney participated in.

    2) As part of the NBC News coverage of this story, the always wretched Chuck Todd failed to grasp point #1 above and tried to use Obama’s admitted drug use as a “both sides do it” example.

  2. Responses:
    Story One – An example of an expose:
    Lucky Lindy really DIDN’T make it! It was all faked.
    Amelia Earhart, DID! And her disappearance was faked.

    Story Two – “Mordor”ock, and slavery:
    If there was a God, he/she/it would have allowed Lincoln to smote him a mighty smite that would have left this idiot’s conscience smitten forever!

    Or, preferably, let Ol’ Abe unleash a killer MFing lightning bolt.

    And we need some ‘New Rules’ about Conservative politicians and political advisers quoting Biblical and American historical figure.

    Know what the feck you’re talkin’ about – you can’t just make shit up and lie! Like you’ve been doing forever…

    Call this ‘Gulag’s Rule’ (it’s like “Godwin’s Law”) – “You can’t mention slavery unless you’re actually talking about, you know, real actual slaves and real actual acts of slavery.”

    Last I heard, the Brothers Koch weren’t bought at an auction block, and I don’t see any whip marks anywhere on them.

    And I haven’t notices any millionaires and billionaires a-pickin’ and a-haulin’ cotton, from before dawn, ’til after dark, in the Southern heat and humidity lately.

    Now, maybe it’s ’cause I wasn’t looking and need to pay more attention – but, somehow or other, I don’t think so.

    This ‘Mordor’ock assclown’s a feckin’ idjit talkin’ to other feckin’ idjit’s, so, really, what can anyone expect except feckin’ idjiocy?

    Maybe our MSM will mock ‘Mordor’ock, and hold him up to be ridiculed – only, I’m not exactly holding my breath. After all, Al Gore lied about creating the inter-tubes…
    Story Three – I wonder if now Jamie Dimon will be forced to fire Jamie Dimon?

    Yeah – RIGHT!

    Sometimes, I even crack myself up!

    No, it’s more likely he’ll give himself another bonus.

    For what, you may be asking?
    Well… er… uhm… for bravely exposing a weakness in an investment strategy!

    A weakness in an investment strategy – exposed BRAVELY! Yeah, yeah – THAT’S the ticket!!!

  3. I’m just looking forward to some day in the near future, when Jamie Dimon opens his big mouth yet again to complain about bank regulation, and someone says to him, “Mr. Dimon, with all due respect, I can think of about 2 BILLION reasons for you to STFU right now.”

  4. Fox and the vast right wing noise machine have done a great job at spreading misinformation and disinformation.
    There is nothing like a pretty blonde on the magic box spewing dirty little lies to whip up the older folks, especially grand-paw, if said blondie is, you know, winking at him, and showing a wee bit o’ cleavage.

    On our local level, we have a woman who ran for a position on the school board on the advice of God.Her incubent opponent decided to run for a state senate position, thus making him ineligable for the school board position, so the God appointed woman won an unopposed race. The woman is one of the most obnoxious bullies I’ve ever run across, and has virtually destroyed the board’s ability to function.

    “All that is needed for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing”

  5. Volcker wouldn’t have stopped the JPM loss; it was from a portfolio hedge intended to be held long term. Both of those qualifiers (hedge & holding period) would exempt it from the definition of prop trading.

  6. There are two kinds of people who don’t pay taxes: the very rich and the desperately poor. I wish the latter category on no person– except, perhaps, heartless blowhards like Mr. Morlock.

  7. This has to be seen to be believed – some frumpy, homophobic nit-twit (who looks like a bad Queen Elizabeth II imitator), reading what sounds like some Dadaist/Surrealist poet’s take-off on an anti-gay rant:


    It has this INSTANT CLASSIC line near the end near the end of her epic, 5-minute, monotone monologue – “Jesus was kissed by Judas, a homo… Do you choosee Jesus, a celibate, or Judas, a homo? You have to choose.”

    And you can’t make sh*t like this up!*

    This is what’s happened to the people who were let out of mental hospitals, beginning in the “Reagan Devolution” years.
    This is what happens when mental disease goes untreated.
    There’s aren’t enough bat’s in the world, to fill this dingbat’s belfry.

    *Watch the kid sitting immediately behind her during her monologue tone-poem, “A madness unlike any other: “Don’t go Gay! It’s not healthy.
    Anus licking causes sepsis. If not given antibiotics within half and hour they perish!”‘ He’s kind of fun to watch as she drones on and on and on in her madness.
    And yes, those last 4 sentences in the quotation marks are from her calmly-delivered diatribe.

  8. Yeah, the 107 out of the hundreds that were too stupid to run away from the crazy lady.

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