6 thoughts on “Sara Robinson Nails It

  1. “A 50-year-old CEO who’s still whining because Big Bad Government is asking him to clean up his shit, look after his little brother, and not act like a psychopath in public is flat-out suffering from arrested emotional and social development. He’s not a grown man, despite his thousands of employees and millions in salary. He’s still that teenager, hating on Mom because she dared to remind him that he’s still deeply dependent on the resources of provided by his larger family. And as a mother, I’d invite other moms to join me in calling out this immaturity for what it is, wherever we see it.”

    Truer words have never been written.

    And also, calling out this immaturity will hurt the poor dear’s fee-fee’s, and they’re sure to slam doors, and do other stupid things, to gain Dad’s attention, and to make Mom feel guilty for hurting their precious fee-fee’s.

    Any guy walking around town in a cowboy hat,who doesn’t work or own an actual working ranch, or who rides around in a giant pick-up truck with a pristine bed, and waving rebel flags, is secretly afraid of it being discovered that he’s really a scaredy-cat little “pussy” with a tiny d*ck, and more insecurities than Conservatives have talking points.

    Hate to tell ya that, boyz – but dat’s da way it is!!!

  2. I’ve been saying that libertarians are adolescents for a while, and that “staunch Conservatives” are pre-formal-thinking children. Neither group has matured to the point where they can be trusted to make important decisions on their own. The former are lashing out at authority while falling prey to authoritarians who tell them what they want to hear, the latter need someone to tell them what to do and think.

  3. Must be time to revive “They want the keys back even though they drove us into the ditch.”

  4. “Ducat’s research shows that right-wing men are so obsessed with the external trappings of maleness precisely because they’ve failed to develop the inner qualities and accept the obligations that are required of actual adult men”.

    Sara got it right! I agree with everything she said.

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