The Children Are Easily Amused

Mikey Wilson, Sports Fan

Movement Conservatism in One Graphic

Yesterday the Romney campaign sent a bus to circle the venue where President Obama was speaking and honk at supporters waiting online. Metrosexual Black AbeJ explains this tactic in the first sentence of this post.

I realize most of us would look on the circling bus episode and think, “WTF?” It looks silly and desperate. But Josh Marshall nails this — what looks like a pointless, juvenile stunt to most people speaks to the very heart and soul of movement conservatism. Because, basically, all movement conservatism amounts to any more is a great acting-out of juvenile rebellion. And the children are eating it up.

For example, from Facebook, pulled from Buzzfeed

your kidding me, Guerilla tactics, the dumycrats invented this. You know the more Romney fights back, the more I’m coming around to supporting him, ive always said why don’t republicans play by the same rules that the dumycrats use, and finally somebody is doing it.

I have no idea when this meathead thinks Democrats did anything like this, but then juveniles do have a distorted view of the grownup world. Ultimately, it won’t matter whether Romney’s policy proposals are true to “movement conservatism” or not, any more than was the case with George W. Bush. Deep down, all the children really want is someone to be their proxy middle finger, waved at the world.

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  1. Remember Palin’s buscapades? She showed up near other candidates’ events to get noticed. Give a teathuglican a bus and he’ll cruise the local burger joint, acting like he has a life!

    The inchoate mass of teapublican resentment requires no words, just grunts and honks. Besides, what could R-money say? There is a hilarious “human diary” string of posts on DKos presenting R-money’s thoughts for the day.

    And Adelson! This guy who anyplace or anytime else would be running a backroom game behind a bar or grocery store and paying off the cops to stay away can now buy the country? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it is disappointing.

  2. Desperate, for sure. Only the already brain-dead will be impressed.

    I think you mean “on line”; not “online”, in this case.

  3. So, we’ve gone from William F. Buckley’s famous line, “A Conservative is a fellow who is standing athwart history yelling ‘Stop!'”

    To, “A Conservative is a fellow, or gal, who is flashing their ass and private parts, and stands athwart history, pooping and peeing on progress, and flashing their middle-finger at anyone who disagrees with them!”

    It’s now ‘Bowel-movement Conservatism.’

  4. I think there will be an American “Reichstag Fire” moment – most probably AFTER the election if the R’s win, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it came before.

    It may not be a literal fire – it could be the economic collapse in Europe, and its effects here.

    And Liberals, Democrats, Blacks, Immigrants, and Homosexuals, will be blamed for it and and demonized.

    And we’ll see the right-wing takeover of this country completed by the end of this decade – if not sooner.

    We will be a Domionist Christian Fascist nation, spiraling ever faster into hopeless Banana Republic status, with an eliminationist Junta in charge, aided and abetted by corporations who look forward to cheap serf-worker labor, all approved by the Supreme Court, and blessed by the Church of America.

    Don’t bet that it CAN’T happen here!

    I’ll “see you in the gulag.”
    I’ll save you the lower bunk.
    Until they come for us, that is.

  5. c u n d,

    “the right-wing takeover of this country completed by the end of this decade – if not sooner.”

    For all intents, it has already happened. Citizens United be-headed Democracy.

  6. “Because, basically, all movement conservatism amounts to any more is a great acting-out of juvenile rebellion”

    Yep, theses are same f#cks that we all new in high school and college, in high school they moved in tightly controlled clans and looked down on anyone who wasn’t dressed right or driving a less than cool car etc. In college they all joined fraternities again separating themselves from the hordes. They are no more than spoiled petulant children of privilege. In a world with less ignorance these people could never hold high office as a matter of percentage, but we have a media that scares the less fortunate and promotes the upper crust as something to aspire to. Money, money, money.

  7. paradoctor,

    But more and worse is coming!

    9/11 gave them a lot of what they wanted.
    Now, they want what they have dreamed of – a permanent Conservative majority in America – by ANY means.

  8. Actually let me expand on this.

    A lot of the Republican Base does seem to want to deliver a middle finger to the world, and I think it’s because A) the world is changing, B) they feel out of control, C) they are out of control often because of the very people they’re voting for, and D) they really don’t now what’s going on.

    A is obvious. In fact, I think Obama is manipulating it with his support for gay marriage and the DREAM act. The more he can induce a base meltdown the more the Republicans have to cope with it. Yeah I think Obama cares bout people, but his tools are those of a politician.

    B is true for so many of us. But the Republican Base doesn’t know how to cope. When you look at their ideals of the 1950’s and the never-were times they’re based on an idea of a stability that’s been rare. This plays into A.

    C is a big issue in that some of the very people they support are making their lives harder. They think the 1950’s world of B is still posible and they’re being manipulated with that vision.

    D is the huge, final issue. They don’t really know what’s going on and don’t try to know – rushing to buy a book by Glen Beck or David Barton will not inform you, it will mislead you. They’re lost.

    D is extra important as I think, down deep, they know there’s something wrong, something they don’t know, and it eats at them. They don’t really “get” what’s going on, and that’s a final issue. They retreat inside rebellion and anger, but that won’t satisfy them because it won’t solve the problem – and because, down deep, they know they don’t have it right.

    But instead of learning, they continue to burn with anger as it’s easier.

  9. It can’t happen here, anyway I probably won’t see it……..I will more than likely die in the fighting…….Bad Knees ya know, can’t run, and I won’t ever kneel to these devils.

  10. I call it Bowel Movement Conservatism. They have all the legitimacy and artiulation of a toddler screaming and flinging poop.

    • Teach — the banner was sponsored by By law, the Obama campaign would not even have had prior knowledge of it.

  11. Teach,
    Nice reflex reaction!

    Now, let me ask you, you feckin’ idjit, WHERE is there ANY evidence from this article, that this was either an Obama plane, or one sponsored by his campaign? Did I miss it?

    Because it was MITT’S CAMPAIGN bus that circled an Obama gathering and honked its horn as it did so!
    See any difference?

    Now, if it WAS someone from the Obama campaign, then yes, I think its childish. And I don’t condone it.
    But some individual citizen, flying over Romney’s campaign, is expressing his 1st Amendment Rights. Or, is wherever Mitt’s speaking, now a “No Fly Zone?”

    Teach, I know thinking is rare amongst Conservatives, if not totally extinct, but surely even a world class numbskull and sycophant like you can see the difference between a CAMPAIGN bus, and a privately-owned airplane?

    Folks, don’t ask why I’m bothering to ask – because I don’t know.

    I’d get more a intelligent response from a turnip.

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