Happy 4th, and Drill Baby Drill

Because you can never see enough military drill — here are the Marines —

And here is the Army —

The Marines have snazzier uniforms.

Update: This one’s for c u n d gulag:

14 thoughts on “Happy 4th, and Drill Baby Drill

  1. FSM, I’m weary of celebrating our military.

    I NEVER thought I’d ask this, maha – but, don’t you have any video’s of cute little kittens or puppies all decked out in red, white, and blue ribbons, or something?

  2. Happy holiday Cund. Hope you have a good day.

    The Muppets hit the right spot — always.

    The Drill teams are incredible. I’ve seen Fife and Drum units live and love them. I was once in D.C. over July 4th and my friends took me to a Fife and Drum competition by the Washington Monument. Wow.

  3. I went looking for YouTubes of Fife and Drum and military drum corps. The thought occurred to me that maybe George W. Bush would have been a happier man and a more productive and useful person had he become a member of such a group. He did cheerleading in college, maybe he should have continued doing so and he wouldn’t have caused such mayhem and chaos.

  4. PG,
    With Lil’ Bush, there are two problems:
    1. It’s MILITARY – and not National Guard.
    2. There’s no sane leader of something that has to be so precisely orchestrated, who would ever let W into a group like that – the group would look like that march at the parade at the end of “Animal House!”

  5. These groups remind me of the Blue Angels — I have no idea how they help us win our wars, but they’re cool enough that I’m willing to overlook their fundamental uselessness. (Which is not to say that the individuals aren’t badass — just that rifle twirling seems a less useful skill than rifle shooting.)

  6. I guess nothing says “Independence Day” at MSNBC more than a whole day of people in prison, on “Lock-up!”

    Why isn’t that show on FOX, where it belongs?

    Prisons are more and more privatized, and they’re filled with black, brown, and poor people. It’s a natural for that network, so smug old white @$$holes can feel even more superior!!!
    “Look at those scum! SCUM!!! Getting what they deserve, HA! While I’m free on this blessed 4th of July to grill my (generic-brand) hot dogs, and (mass-produced) hamburgers, put them on (store-brand buns, with (off-brand) ketchup, mustard, and mayo, and veggies picked by illegal aliens! Is America a GREAT country, or what?!?!”

  7. Cund — TCM is showing 1776 today at 5 pm and Yankee Doodle Dandy at 8 pm. Those are my two July 4th movies.

  8. PG,
    I’m going to watch the Yanks this afternoon, and then watch PBS’s musical presentation with my Mom this evening.

    I love both of those movies, though.

    Anyone ever notice that there aren’t a lot of great classic, or recent, movies about The Revolutionary War, but plenty about The Civil War?
    Am I wrong about that?

    • Anyone ever notice that there aren’t a lot of great classic, or recent, movies about The Revolutionary War, but plenty about The Civil War?

      That’s because the colonists lost a lot. We’d still be a British colony if the French Navy hadn’t intervened.

  9. Folks, I agree with the cynicism and the despair of militarism and how little we sometimes value freedom.

    But – today is the day we said that people – ordinary, everyday people – are the ones who matter. You might be KING because your family was badass, and you might have the support of enough military might because you’ve been so badass for such a long time, but that doesn’t matter, because that’s not what’s right. We – we the every day ordinary people, who you think are beneath your notice – we are the ones who have the power. We are the ones who matter. Every single one of us does. And we’re going to say that, if you can’t treat us right, we have a right to tell you to get stuffed, and find a better way on our own.

    That still matters. And that should still be celebrated.

    So, happy Independence Day – take a moment to remember what matters, and to celebrate the ideas that founded this nation. And then if you must, mourn the ways in which we’ve fallen short of the mark – but remember that the power is ours, and however hard it may be, we can never give up the struggle, because the struggle will never end.

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