Drip Drip Drip …

David Corn says Romney Invested Millions in Chinese Firm That Profited on US Outsourcing. This is especially significant since Mittens’s latest counter-attack against the President is that “President Obama’s policies have encouraged American jobs to move overseas,” and the reasoning behind that claim is that Obama hasn’t been tough enough on China.

I don’t think Mittens can win a game of “I’m rubber you’re glue” against President Obama, except among the rabid right base. Romney looks like a big ol’ pile of glue to me.

Steve M points to a new Romney ad that tries to make the President seem sinister and nasty.

The problem is that polls show that most Americans like Obama — more people like him than approve of how he’s doing his job. Voters in the middle who are wary of how he’s doing his job think he’s at least a decent well-meaning, guy; Team Romney seems to think it can overcome that impression, developed over three and a half years of a presidency and two years of campaigning before that, in a mere four months — the point being, apparently, to get swing voters to see Obama as the sinister thumb-breaking, thuggish Chicago pol/Hillary-hating sexist pig of wingnut/PUMA legend. It’s as if no one on Romney’s campaign can even imagine what it feels like to be merely disappointed by Obama rather than repulsed.

Is it just me, or is the Romney campaign playing defense? And rather badly? If Mittens himself were particularly charming he might get away with this, but he isn’t. The man’s got less charm than roach bait.

Update: Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney the Race Baiter at the NAACP

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  1. Mitt has NO charm.

    And I’ve almost never seen him look comfortable in his own skin on TV – not even when he’s attired in what a man of his wealth is practically required to wear.
    He doesn’t look comfortable in his hand-crafted suits, hand-stitched silk shirts, ties, and socks, and his Dolce & Gabbana shoes And I have NO interest in seeing him in his underwear – woolen, silk, magic, or whatever.

    Now, maybe he’s the life of the party with other rich white @$$holes.

    But, he always looks uncomfortable around us commoners.

    Maybe, guilty, even.
    Maybe it’s because, deep down, he knows he’d disappointed his father by being a “Cannibal Capitalist,’ and screwed far more people than he’s ever helped – unlike his father, George, who fought for Civil Rights.
    George was rich, but he wasn’t a sociopath like his son, Mitt.

    And, after the failed Presidency of W, who had Daddy issues, and the failed candidacy of John McCain, who had Daddy AND Granddaddy issues, do we really need another Republican candidate/President with some Freudian father problems?
    I think not.

    But this is what happens when the Republicans have no one sane, capable and/or charismatic in the primaries, to overcome Mitt’s ‘Wealth Gap.
    In the age of “Citizens,” the one-eye pig with the most money – WINS’!!!

    Let’s hope Mitt continues to look uncomfortable.
    If you can’t be inspiration, and if you have no charm, at least look comfortable with who you are – a rich, ambitious, greedy, sociopath.
    People like success – stop stammering and blinking every time a camera is pointed at you. Look like you enjoy who you are. That’ll go at least some ways to making some people like you.

    NO! DON’T STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I simply can’t figure out why Mitt is running for president. Is it to avenge his father’s unsuccessful try for the presidency? Is it a hunger for power? Is it to get even richer? Is it just one more Mormon mission? Does he even know why?

    At the outset of his campaign, he merely evoked thanks-anyway-but-no-thanks in me. As time goes on, however, he’s becoming more and more nauseating to watch and listen to, to the point where if he pops up on my screen, I immediately change channels.

  3. As time goes on, however, he’s becoming more and more nauseating to watch and listen to…

    That’s my experience too. Mitt Romney really is a creep. I remember the Republicans talked a lot about Bill Clinton’s character defects in the presidential campaign twenty years ago. Some of those defects turned out to be real enough, of course, but Clinton’s got nothing on Romney. He really doesn’t even have a character apart from all the defects.

  4. The only people the “Sinister Obama” ad is going to appeal to, IMO, are Romney’s rabid base who still/already think Obama’s an illegal secret Muslim neggra. So let Mitt waste his money on the already converted.

    I think the months of ad warfare – regardless of the many dimensions of crazyness about it – will only serve to divide the electorate roughly 50-50 between the two men. The debates IMO are what will finally decide the election. Obama is going to have to catch Mitt in one or more lies he cannot wiggle out of, so it will look like a “kill” to the audience, which is really all they’re after. There’s no shortage of material for Obama to work with, the real issue is whether he understands this and can make it happen.

  5. Felicity

    A good question people should be asking. Why is Mitt running?

    CUND GULAG has it part right. Completing his daddys mission or exceeding daddy. But I think Mitt believes he is American royalty who deserves everything. And he is after the power to crush anyone who doesnt see his greatness. He doesnt need any more money. Being king puts him ‘above’ all those other common multimillionares he associates with.

  6. My nomination for this year’s Oscar:

    Speaking at the first of two fundraisers he hosted for Romney near Jackson, Wyo., Cheney praised Romney as the only candidate in the race who can handle “the kind of challenges a president has to deal with.”

    “There is always, sooner or later, a crisis, totally unanticipated. You can’t plan on it, you don’t know what it’s going to be, but if you go through the campaigns and study the history books and talk to all the experts, sooner or later there’s going to be a big surprise, usually an unpleasant one,” Cheney said, citing the memory of the 9/11 attacks. “When I think about the kind of individual I want in the Oval Office in that moment of crisis, who has to make those key decisions, some of them life and death decisions, decisions as the commander in chief, who has the responsibility for sending our young men and women in harm’s way. That man’s Mitt Romney.”

    …also known as Mitt Etch-a-Sketch

  7. moonbat,
    Oh, I think President Obama understands. The problem is, he has to be careful how he does it.

    Biden had to be careful in the debate against Palin, lest he look like some sort of a bully oar sexist, and make her sympathetic.

    Gore, so far smarter than W, made the simpering idiot look sympathetic by sighing while Bush was lying. Remember how the MSM pounced on that, instead of the lies?

    The President has to be careful and not make stiff Mitt look like he’s being intellectually, or in any other way, “mugged.” He was able to do it with McCain in 2008, who was a far more sympathetic figure than Mitt could ever be, so my bet is he can do it again.

  8. The right has been very good at turning average Americans against each other.
    My work partner, who carries a Bible and hand gun where ever he goes, is convinced the problem lies with government workers and their unions.
    Just yesterday, he pointed out to me how government workers are lazy, and their retirement packages will bankrupt cities, counties, states, and the fed.
    Several cities in Cal. have filed bankrupsy, and more are sure to follow.
    As this continues, the unions will be busted, wages will drop, and the “generous” retirement packages will go away. So much for honoring one’s contracts.
    But then, there is the problem of “cause and effect”; if the retirement packages of tens of thousands of civil servants evaporate, another welfare state of destitute senior citizens will be created.
    You see, Grasshopper, all things are connected.
    When you build your house next to an airport, then complain about the noise……
    But these days, the “facts” are created daily on the “lobotomy box”, and sold to the viewers.
    This is interesting.I have a friend named Jesse. Several months ago, he noticed a sore on his leg that wouldn’t heal. He had fallen on hard times;His pretty, new bride got hooked on pain meds, took his truck for a spin, His truck ran into a car, resulting in severe damage to both vehicles, and some damage to the occupants. Did I mention that his bride forgot to pay the insurance bill the previous month when he was out of town and his policy was cancelled?
    Anyway, he lost his license shortly after, when he decided to drive home from a friend’s house after having a few beers (he had his parking lights on after dusk, and was stopped by a cop).That caused him to loose his license, his job, and his health insurance.
    Then that sore on his leg got bigger.
    When he could no longer stand the throbbing in his leg, he went to the local emergency room, and was admitted. The diagnosis was a real shocker; the big “C”, and now it appears to have spread.
    But the doctors are not sure, because he was discharged after he was stabilized;and he can’t get a cat scan or PET scan because he has no insurance, and the system moves so slowly that he is not yet on MEDICADE.
    Well, the rest of the boys down on Marsh street, most of whom are NASCAR Republicans, are watching this drama unfold.That damned uppity nigra in the white house is trying to force feed ‘Mericans socialist medicine (which their friend will now gladly take). Did I mention that the Marsh Street boys believe our friend would get on MEDICADE faster if he was black or hispanic?
    This seems to be a widely held belief; there is NO program for the white boys.
    I would love to rub some noses in the poo, but I find it better to gently steer the conversation to the left.
    And how about those Olympic athlete uniforms made in China;rat bastards!
    Well, maybe they can open up a factory for those uniforms in South Carolina or something.
    When you shop at Wal*Mart than bitch about things made in China,well that’s kinda like building a house next to the airport and bitching about the noise..
    You see, Grasshopper……

    • I wish the Olympic athletes would burn the uniforms and march into the stadium wearing their own clothes. Even more, though, I hope the entire Ralph Lauren 2012 Team USA Olympic Collection, being sold in Ralph Lauren stores, some department stores and on TeamUSAShop.com, ends up in a landfill because nobody bought the stuff, and that everyone involved in this mess loses money.

  9. A good question people should be asking. Why is Mitt running?

    “It’s good to be King” (from History of the World, Part I. I’m sure Mittens feels, given his experience in Massachusetts, that he has a flair for ruling, that plus his party has called to him. Patricians think ruling is their natural vocation.

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