13 thoughts on “Proof of the Intellectual Bankruptcy of Reason Magazine

  1. If by “interesting,” they mean, stupid, ignorant, delusional, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and/or homophobic, lazy, untethered from reality, incurious, and batshit insane, then yeah, Rand Paul might be “The Most Interesting Man in the Senate.”

    I’d call him either, “The Dumbest Motherf*cker in the Senate,” or “The Biggest Disgrace in the Senate – and, with Kyl, Johnson, and a few other Conservative swine, that’s some pretty stiff competition.

    What ‘reason’ could anyone have to buy “Reason” magazine?
    The cockatoo has diarrhea?

  2. cund – I didn’t understand the quote from Rand. Read it three times. If it reveals the state of his mind, and if there are as yet any relatively sane senators left in the Senate, they need to put him in isolation straight-jacketed to keep him from harming himself.

  3. ‘Gulag, I think they mean “interesting like your cat’s butt” when you’ve had too much vodka and discover the cat’s ass looks like the end of a hotdog”.
    Well, one of my high school buddies made that observation back in ’71.He was correct, but that’s beside the point.I’ve not looked at a hotdog without thinking about that since.

  4. erinyes,

    Now, I’ll never be able to look at another hotdog the same way!

    PS; On top of that vodka, you must have had some killer weed, huh?

  5. I’ve been wondering about this sort of thing. Right-wing propagandists don’t seem to care if the stuff they say is even plausible anymore. Their image of Bill Clinton as a sex-crazed monster was absurd, but at least there was some basis in reality for the caricature. Now Dinesh D’Souze would have us believe that Barack Obama, of all people, is fueled by rage.

    Similarly, if the folks at Reason want to make a case that Rand Paul is a good guy to have in the Senate, surely they could come up with some nonsense that at least doesn’t require them to pretend he’s a deep thinker. What gives?

  6. paradoctor,
    I believe that falls under the “Stopped Clock” rule.
    Of course, with Rand, it’s a 24-hour clock, – since that’s the only good idea he’s ever had.
    Oh, wait – is he for legalizing pot? ‘Cause then he’s back to a 12-hour clock.

  7. c u n d; stopped clock? Fair enough. But wait, how is he on Gitmo and airport X-rays?

    The welfare/warfare state could not endure; and of course it was the welfare that declined first; but perhaps soon the warfare will also decline.

  8. Fellicity, I was so glad to see your comment bc I read Rand’s quote three times, too. And I still have no idea what he thought he was saying.

  9. I thought my guy, Ron Johnson, was the most interesting man in the Senate. He’ll come out and say, after the shooting in CO, that we don’t need a ban on huge clips, and that more people being armed would have stopped the shooting from killing so many. Interesting must have been misspelled, it was spelled T-O-O-L in the original.

  10. “Interesting”? Is that what is politically correct these days?

    When I was in school, we were supposed to call kids like Rand “special”.

  11. When, on the campaign trail, Paul said he’d be OK with restauranteurs not serving minorities if they didn’t want to, a light lit up instantly in my head that said “unfit for public service.” Of course, they elected the cretin anyway.

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