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Chronicling Mitt’s Mendacity, Vol. XXIX

Will it be Paul Ryan (oh, please)? The more interesting question, why do conservatives want Paul Ryan to be the veep choice? Ezra has some thoughts. I’d add two more:

Given that Ryan owns the Republican Party right now, I’d say —

1. They’re prepping him to run for Prez in 2016.
2. They’re seriously oblivious to how out of touch he (and they) are to the rest of America.

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  1. If Mitt takes Ryan, there are a number of problems for Mitt and his choice.
    1. Two pirates are better than one – but only to the other people who side with the pirates.
    2. Standing together, the two of them will look like the centerpiece of a December broom-June gride, wedding cake at a SF Gay Wedding.
    3. Why pick a VP who’s a bigger “star” that the person at the head of the ticket?
    Now, Ryan isn’t Palin – but he ain’t that far off. He’s got the same sense of wounded victimhood – but which Conservative doesn’t have that?
    But there’s time for more people to realist that he’s only “THAT” smart in his own mind – and the hearts of the other true believers.

    Plus, Ryan is the Conservatives new Jesus.
    If Mitt wins, he’ll be seen as John the Baptist, who helped to usher in the Republican Jesus. And ALL credit will go to Ryan, not Mitt.

    And if Mitt loses, he’ll be seen as another Judas, one who sold ‘The One True Faith of Conservatism,” and their young Jesus, for a few Independent votes.

    Either way, Mitt’s not “THE STAR!”. amd I don’t think his ego will accept that.

    And no matter what the result, Ryan will be primed for 2016. But, he’ll be tainted with the loss to Obama, especially if it’s big, and who knows what the next 4 years brings?

    At least to me, Ryan is a ‘No-win” for Mitt.

    Now, that’s NOT to say that the “powers that be” can’t force him to take him. I just think they don’t want to waste a potential future ace pitcher in a play-off game that they right now look like they’re going to lose.

    But, hey, one never knows, do one?

  2. I saw world-renowned scoundrel Richard Viguerie on the Ed Show saying that Ryan wasn’t right wing enough, and my head nearly exploded. Viguerie actually complained that the Ryan budget spent too much money, and wouldn’t take enough of an ax to government. I don’t know, did they overlook a few cents left in the Commerce Department? Because all the breakdowns I’ve seen suggest the Ryan budget essentially ends the federal government as we know it.

    Gulag, I think a loss as Veep might actually help Ryan for 2016. You know that if they lose, it won’t be a failure of conservatism, because to them that is perfect and untaintable. A loss will just be proof that Romney wasn’t conservative enough, and that even with Ryan on the ticket, they couldn’t overcome the evil librul soshialists. If Ryan drops a few “I wanted to run to the right, but Mitt wouldn’t do it” stories, he’ll be the wronged true-believer, and you know how much the right loves to feel victimized.

    2016 will become the chance to win the one they “should” have won in 2012, if only they hadn’t let a Wall St. namby-pamby pretty-boy like Romney have so much influence in the party. Whole new dimensions of whacked out right-wing await!

  3. Conservatives want Ryan as veep, because he, moreso than any other candidate has the guts to articulate radical policies that represent their views. He’s proven his political chops by muscling his way to the front of the Republican party. Even if Romney/Ryan goes down in flames, Ryan – who is a proxy for their views – will gain national exposure, and be ready for 2016. They really think this guy can win, or more accurately they want Ryan to win, maybe not in 2012, but later.

  4. C u n d gulag notes that “Ryan is the Conservatives new Jesus.” Agreed. So what’s going to happen when these good folks who love the baby Jesus are exposed, up close and personal, to Ayn Rand?

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