7 thoughts on “Another Mass Shooting

  1. Jeez…
    Another one?
    Old hat.
    Nothing new.
    Why cover it?

    What we need to tell these NRA-appoved mass-murdering crazies is, “Murder-suicide is SOOO yesterday.
    We refuse to cover it.
    It’s boring.
    Now, when you can successfully perform a ‘Suicide-murder,” now THAT’LL be news – so be sure and call us when you do that. Until then, there’s a news blackout.”

    Btw – is it STILL too soon to talk abour gun control?
    I missed the three-second window.
    Now, we’ll have to wait until the next one, and hope it’s no one we know or love.

  2. Jeesh, whoda thunk it’d be in Tixis?
    So sorry for the victims and their loved ones.
    This is beyond crazy and sad.

  3. Swami,

    That is the first one that I remember as well, I was only five at the time but I recall it was all over the news.

    “Guns have more rights than people in this country”

    Gun manufactures-sellers are the ones who’s rights know no boundaries. Like with all things in right-wing-nuttia it’s really not about ideology it’s about profits.

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