Dem Convention Night 2

If you are watching, feel free to comment.

* Anyone catching the salute to veterans? I’m betting Mittens is kicking himself for overlooking the veterans.

* Now they’ve got a nun. This is covering the bases.

* Crowd is getting fired up for Sandra Fluke.

I have to say the Dems have not been shy about voicing support for abortion and reproductive rights.

*Elizabeth Warren onstage now.

*Shout out to Teddy Roosevelt. Yay!

*It’s the Big Dog.

Republicans have been in power for 28 years of the past 52, Democrats 24 years. “So what’s the job score? Republicans 24 million, Democrats 42.”

“Politics does not have to be a blood sport.”

If the righties were hoping that Bill undermined the President in this speech, they’re very disappointed now.

Talk about a love fest. Wow.

President Obama, 4.5 million jobs. Congressional Republicans, zero.


The Big Dog did not disappoint. This was a brilliant speech, and I hope a lot of people watched.

20 thoughts on “Dem Convention Night 2

  1. Don’t count on me.

    I’ll be switching between the NY Giants, and Columbia’s team – the Dull-ass Cowboys (much to my mother’s chagrin).

    I will tune in, though, to “The Big Dawg’s” speech.

    It should be, as Mitt might put it – ‘An event representing an outdoor farm building’s being in flames.’

  2. Daily Kabuki Theatre:

    Obama is mortally afeared of empty seats since Clint Eastwood’s little Performance Piece-
    Hence moving indoors to avoid having to see any in the surely to be mostly empty BOA stadium – Thus saith Reinhold Priebus (If your name was Reinhold wouldn’t you rather be called Reince?)

    Adding God and “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel” to the Democratic platform elicited booing at the convention – Oh the humanity, which way to the fainting couch?

    • Obama is mortally afeared of empty seats since Clint Eastwood’s little Performance Piece-

      And that makes sense, where?

      Go away.

  3. Mitt and Paulie didn’t forget us veterans…Paulie even ran down the gang plank of the USS Wisconsin. Welcome home, Paulie!

  4. Elizabeth Warren started nervous and stepped on some of her good lines, but by the time she got to the corporations are not people bit, she’d hit her stride.

    I bet she drives right-wingers crazy on a deep, visceral level, for all the reasons she appeals to me.

    The Big Dawg has an EXCELLENT ‘warm-up act’ tonight.

  5. “Ann Romney’s fingers are probably raw by now from sticking pins in her Obama voodoo doll.” That’s what you have servants for.

    “Elizabeth Warren …. hit her stride.” I like her a lot, but she seems to be behind Brown and I am not sure her message will draw in independents. Let’s hope for good turnout in November.

  6. I was more than glad to see Mitch McConnell get called out on his pledge to destroy Obama’s presidency even if it brings our country to its knees..Just sorry they didn’t shine a light on his racism..I guess I just have to trust in God to expose that racist dirtbag.

  7. Clinton had a lot of good lines. One of my favorites is about Hillary. From the speech: …President Obama appointed several members of his Cabinet even though they supported Hillary in the primary. (Applause.) Heck, he even appointed Hillary.

    If the Republicans were hoping that Clinton would in some way remind people about the rivalry of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the 2008 nomination and that it would affect how he spoke of Obama in the speech tonight, they really were having a delusion.

  8. Rats!
    I fell asleep just after the lady from Maryland spoke.
    I’m sure I’ll catch the highlights today.

  9. Bill Clinton was fandamntastic! Note that the Retealicans had zero of their former presidents in mention or on stage. In fact, the problems they say they want to solve derive largely from their own doing.

    I’m leaving for Tucson today, and I can go with a lighter heart now that there is such an air of enhusiasm generated by Clinton’s speech.

  10. Too bad “The Old Poodle’s’ effort last night fell so far short of the masterful barnburning speech George W. Bush gave last week at the Republlican’s Tampa Convention.

    His explanation of how he balanced his budgets, “Arithmetic,” fell far short of Bush’s message, “Make-believe.”

    Pundits have pounced this morning, saying that this again proved how out of touch the Democrats are with “Real Americans’ – pointing out how much they prefer “Make-believe” to “Arithmetic.”
    They also pointed out how the Democrats, with their ‘history and reading,’ can’t match the Republican message of ‘recess and snack-time.’

    And so, the reviews are in: In the “Battle of the Ex-President’s,” the American people find the message of their great former President, George “The Ranch Hound Dog” Bush, far superior to the one presented by “The Old Poodle.”

    It’s a shame that Bill Clinton failed President Obama and the Democrats last night.
    But did anyone really expect a different outcome?
    And good as Clinton can be, how can he compare to George W. Bush?

    The man who, after having been given the limelight on more time in Tampa, proved once and for all that he is the most masterful politican and public speaker in recent American history.
    And so, if you look at their two speeches, after you do that math, you realize that – ain’t no “Make-believe!”

    • Too bad “The Old Poodle’s’ effort last night fell so far short of the masterful barnburning speech George W. Bush gave last week at the Republlican’s Tampa Convention.

      You are too much. 🙂

  11. (I hate having to follow on the heels of C U N D Gulag, by the way) 😀

    Judging by the right wing trolling of Democratic pages on Face Book today, Bill’s speech was an absolute knockout. I’ll be catching up later today.

  12. Just sorry they didn’t shine a light on his racism..I guess I just have to trust in God to expose that racist dirtbag.

    Swami, I’m not talking to/about you, but – you’ve hit on the very essence of “privilege” with that.

    What is privilege? Well, among other things, it’s the ability to determine when the non-privileged are allowed to complain. If the Dems complain about racism while their leader is a black man, then they’re Playing The Race Card, even if their examples of racist behavior are spot-on perfect.

    It’s true, some people would agree that it was correct, but a very large body of people would be able to say “they’re playing the race card, and over such *petty* things,” and the Very Serious People would nod and agree.

    I wish we lived in a just world, where people could complain about racism when it happened, even during what amounts to a popularity contest (and while we hope elections aren’t just popularity contests, I think it’s safe to say nominating conventions are!). But we don’t.

  13. Yeah, I enjoyed that snark about their ex-president, too.

    Since I don’t have cable or satellite, Im stuck watching on PBS World, where on Night 2 David Brooks sat in the commentary booth constantly whining that the Dems 1) were not mentioning the economy on their Economics Night, then 2) when speaker after speaker began talking about the economy, that the Dems were not outlining a specific economic program. Wah wah wah. Then Bill Clinton speaks, and amongst a million other brilliant things, outlines a specific economic program.

    Gadzooks, but I loathe the Cabbage. He’s that socially-awkward kid in school who thinks he’s smarter than everybody else, but it turns out he’s really not, he’s just socially awkward.

    There was also what I’d call “Catholic-baiting” from all the PBS folk toward Dems in the booth, regarding the Democratic support of reproductive rights. In particular they tried to get Julian Castro to squirm over their perceived contradiction between identifying as a practicing Catholic and supporting the Democratic position. And sadly, Mayor Castro did squirm, a little bit. No one pointed out that the Democratic stance doesn’t promote abortion, it removes government intervention where one’s conscience is concerned. Mayor Castro did point out that a great many practicing Catholics disagree with the Church’s position on abortion and contraception, and think for themselves.

    At times it seemed that even the PBS commentators (besides Brooks, Gwen Ifill, Mark Shields, and that blonde woman whose name escapes me) had been hypnotized in Tampa into thinking that we’re living in the 19th Century.

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