Springtime for You-Know-Who

Politico is running another pre-postmortem on Romney’s campaign, blaming his failure to connect with voters on his campaign manager.

Can you name Mitt’s campaign manager? Yeah, I couldn’t either.

I liked this part:

As mishaps have piled up, Stevens has taken the brunt of the blame for an unwieldy campaign structure that, as the joke goes among frustrated Republicans, badly needs a consultant from Bain & Co. to straighten it out.

“You design a campaign to reinforce the guy that you’ve got,” said a longtime Romney friend. “The campaign has utterly failed to switch from a primary mind-set to a general-election mind-set, and did not come up with a compelling, policy-backed argument for credible change.”

So where is Romney in all this? The Great Executive, the Savior of Mount Olympus, the Wise Steward of Massachusetts, the Glorious Light of Capitalism manifested in the world? Is he being led around like a steer at a cattle show, with nothing to say for himself?

It appears establishment Republicans who have lived through a few election cycles recognize a disaster in the making, and they are rushing to pin the blame on anybody but, you know, Republicanism and the whackjob ideology it stands for these days. This means that after the President is re-elected they won’t feel a need to modify themselves. It wasn’t us. It was him.

On the other hand, one of Booman’s readers suggests that Romney is running a campaign based on Mel Brooks’s The Producers. Maybe when the votes are counted Mittens will grab the rest of the war chest and head for the Cayman Islands. Or is there a tax shelter to be had somewhere?

Best good news so far today: Elizabeth Warren is leading Scott Brown in two new polls.

19 thoughts on “Springtime for You-Know-Who

  1. Unless they grow a large crop of angry white men, or the economy completely tanks, they’ll probably keep losing national Presidential elections.

    But they’ll continue to do untold damage on town, county, district, and state levels, and further undermine the country in their search for their Conservative Valhalla, while using wedge issues to keep winning elections.

    Unless the people start to wake-up on those levels, the country as a whole won’t be able to move forward. If Democrats can’t get a large enough Democratic Congress to go along with a Democratic President, then what we’ve seen for the last two years will become the norm.
    And that will serve Conservatives just fine. After all, they’ll be “conserviing.” Of course, it’s Nihilism that they’ll be “conserving.”

    And FSM forbid, a Republican President with a Republican Congress! We might as well all shoot ourselves in the head, and eliminate the suspense of when we all die, poor and sick.

    I do so love, though, how Conservatives want Romney and Ryan to give more details about their great plans to fix the economy.
    Why do they think they’re not doing that?
    The people calling for that don’t realize that their Conservative arithmetic not only doesn’t add up – but what does add up, when it’s explained, is that it subracts money and services from the lower and middle, and adds that money to the rich, who don’t need the same services as the rest of us do.

    Conservative are the only ones who don’t realize that Conservatism has completely failed.
    Or else they wouldn’t have to keep running on “God, guns, and gays.”

  2. This scares me, because there is WAY too much time left. The media’s primary investment is in a tight race, so it is perfectly predictable that they will be writing a Romney comeback story pretty soon…The race always tightens at the end anyway.

  3. Headline on the CNN website: “Romney to retool his campaign message.”

    I wonder what type of tool he’s going to be now?

  4. Wow! HuffPo has just changed Nebraska to light red on its electoral map!

    (Hey, I’ll take whatever tiny victory I can out here.)

  5. I’ve been reading that, as part of the “what do we do now?” at Romney HQ, Privatizing Ryan wants to be allowed to push his brand of conservativism ever more loudly out on the road. Seems like an arc we last saw with Sarah Palin: VP candidate with future aspirations tied to losing campaign sees it as their moment to make their bid for the future. Can’t wait till this guy begins sticking his foot ever more deeply into his objectivist mouth.

  6. The people calling for that don’t realize that their Conservative arithmetic not only doesn’t add up – but what does add up, when it’s explained, is that it subracts money and services from the lower and middle, and adds that money to the rich, who don’t need the same services as the rest of us do.

    To a conservative, this is a feature, not a bug. Their “proposals” are not about fixing or helping the country in any way, they’re about creating an aristocracy to rule over everybody else. Hence GW Bush’s tax cuts as the one answer for every single kind of economic malady. If your tooth hurts, you need a tax cut. If it’s a cloudy day, you need a tax cut. Events, any event, are used as excuses to gut the government, and make it impotent. It is not at all about fixing things or helping anybody, except those at the top.

    Conservative are the only ones who don’t realize that Conservatism has completely failed.

    For the stupid rubes who buy into it, yes. For the 1%, it’s worked magnificently. There’s the saying – there’s only two kinds of Republicans: the rich and the fools.

    A couple years ago, I was in a bar, sitting next to a fortyish guy who was out of work. He was very dialed in to the political scene, an avowed conservative. I wasn’t at all in the mood to argue, so I quickly moved away. But I was struck by how this poor sap doesn’t have clue at how the people and policies he’s been shilling for all these years have made him and millions like him, jobless and without prospects. He just didn’t realize that the music has changed, and now the whole country is seeing the results of his stupid beliefs.

  7. I guess we’re ALL Welfare Queens now!

    Not all, but I am…I got my first Social Security check this month..I took the 25% penalty, but now I at least know I won’t be living under a bridge..The financial stress that I endured over the past 4 years almost drove me to suicide. I’m not being melodramatic..I’m a very analytical person and I clearly understand how my situation came to be…and Obama had no hand in it It was the hope and the heart that Obama offered that sustained me through the most trying time of my life..

    They can call me parasite, a freeloader,a deadbeat, or even a fucking maggot and it doesn’t mean squat to me. I’ve paid my dues..

    In times of drought, you know the good fountains, and in times of adversity you know the good friends.

  8. Paulie’s working on his new book. I think it’s called: Don’t Hitch your Star to a Loser /the importance of keeping your head down.

  9. Swami,
    I wrote a long comment, but decided it was too honest, so I didn’t post it.

    Let me just say, that I know how you feel – and I’m not being melodramatic, either.

  10. gulag …Post it..Share the pain..and if Obama is the cause of your pain share that also.

    unless we come against the accusation of being lazy freeloaders just looking for a handout…Then the repugs claims will stand unchallenged.

    We’ve got to fire back with everything we’ve got…Even it it means using the infallible word of God. 🙂

    “If you’ve done it unto the least of mine, you’ve done it unto me”

  11. Republicans see the world through their own puke-colored glasses: they know, given the chance, that they would leap at a chance to become rich at others’ expenses (and those Republicans that do become rich almost all do so at the expense of others).
    Because they cannot conceive of someone wanting to do something for someone else, they truly believe that all liberals and even Democrats must be looking for a personal handout. It never occurs to them that Democrats are asking the government for help on behalf of the people that the system uses and throws away. It is not that we think capitalism is an abject failure, but merely that it has its strong points, and needs to be ameliorated for its weaknesses (capitalism, being a human institution, is by definition imperfect). Republicans think of capitalism in terms of a faith, similar to their total misunderstanding of what they straight-faced call “christianity,” and as such capitalism to them is perfect, just like the celestial spheres of the old medieval Catholic Church, and thus both perfect and undeserving of criticism.

    And then they act even sillier by condemning “Muslims” for the very same faults that they cannot see in themselves. To use their own scriptures against them: “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” Would that they had the sense god gave turnips…

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