8 thoughts on “This Is a Campaign Ad

  1. The candidate’s sister, Mary McCormack, arranged it. She’s the actress who caught the ball in the video. She played a national security adviser on the show.

  2. Mary McCormack played in a series called “In Plain Sight” for about seven years on the USA Network. She worked in the witness protection program in the series. She also starred in a crazy movie with Minnie Driver called “High Heels and Low Lifes”, a movie I find quite hilarious. Thus, I am sure she has all the connections needed to make that commercial, which was somewhat humorous if you watched “The West Wing.” I would vote for her sister if I lived in Michegan.

  3. What’s the big deal? You liberals are so easily impressed. Wait til the cast of “24” reunites to show how Romney will get Bin Laden. Uh-oh. Damn it! Never mind.

  4. There are connections, and there are connections that get Martin Sheen to come on your ad and say “Apocalypse Now”. Classic.

  5. I’d say Mary McCormick is indeed whip-smart for organizing this, and also pretty hot. Not so sure that Bradley Whitford is a ‘movie-star handsome Louis C.K.’, but it was a pretty amusing line. Funny how well they managed to mimic the classic Aaron Sorkin style dialog.

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