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  1. Great article. I have known many women and went to school with a few of them in the same circumstances.

    I don’t even think of mitt anymore; he has become, that SOB to me!

  2. Today, I talked to a very close College friend of mine, who’s a Republican.

    He’s doing very well for himself. I love the guy, but his dad was a schemer (possibly Mob connected), with all sorts of different businesses that made money for him. My friend has taken over some of this properties as his dad’s gotten older. Now, my friend went to Chiropratic school, and is very successful, with 3 or 4 offices, so it’s not like he’s living off the money and businesses his Father built.

    I hadn’t really talked to him since my Father died back in April.

    He called today, and I told him about my situation – out of work for years, helping my Mom, unable to find a job. Recently, to get extended unemployment, I sent out over 90 copies of my resume in 6 weeks, with no, NO, ZERO, 0, ZILCH, NOTTA, calls for interviews, or evena single e-mail acknowedging getting my resume. In other words – no change from the last two+ years of sending out hundreds and hundred of resume’s to companies, with NO interest whatsoever – and I have some pretty impressive credentials, if I do say so myself!

    I told him the financial trouble my Mother and I were having. I also told him that I was thankful that, for the first time in my life (and I’ve had some sort of full or part-time job since I was 15, and worked inventory since I was 13 with my Mom when she was working in retail stores) I was getting Welfa… (DON”T CALL IT THE “W-Word!” – it’s “Temporary Assistance) uhm, Temporary Assistance and Food Stamps.

    When I asked him how much he thought I might be getting, he said, “I don’t know. What, about $200 in Food Stamps, and a grand in Welf… Temporary Assistance?”

    I told him, “No, my Mom and I get a whopping $16 a month in Food Stamps for the two of us, and I just started getting $320 a month in Welf… Temporary Assistance.

    He said, “That’s all?”

    The impression is that people who collect, take home much more than they do.

    I’m a 54 year-old white guy, and I know that the system is based on “Arithmetic,” not race.
    I’ve known it all along.

    I wish other people in High School, were taught Civic’s. And that part of the class was filling out the almost novella length forms for Food Stamps, heating assistance, and Welf… Temporary Assistance – and do that with various income levels, and start with a single person applying, to single Mom’s with children, to couples with children.
    I think they may understand that there ain’t no T-bones, no Caddy’s, no Malt Liquer, no coke, no heroin, no meth, no gettin’ the check’s and ‘Movin’ on up to the East Side.”

    The reason the Conservative idiots who do have to resort to these programs, like Craig T. Nelson, the actor from “Coach,” who said, “I’ve been on food stamps and welfare, did anyone help me out? No…”, is that they thing the N*ggers, Sp*c’s, and wanton slut single Mom’s, have some sort of “special” program just for them.

    No, Craig, you @$$hole, the reason that you that felt no one helped you out, is that their is so little help given.
    But you “take” what you can get. Even those of us “takers” who ‘gave’ into the system for over 40 years.

    Poverty ain’t no picnic, as Mr. Nelson discovered. He’s just not self-aware or empathetic enough to realize that we, as a society, are no better than the least among us.
    He made it. And good for him. But understand, Mr. Nelson, that some of us didn’t, can’t, or aren’t likely to. I wonder how much he donates to charities to help people who are in situation like the one he was in? I don’t know – but I’d bet it ain’t much. Hey, he was able to get out, so he MUST be superior to the rest of us. Right?

  3. Today on NPR there was a dialogue between two news types who discussed the “people who don’t pay federal taxes” as though there were such a thing. It was clear that they knew that this was a Republican trope, and that the general term “federal tax” is so general that it makes no sense even to say it. But they kept on talking about it as though they were little Limbaughs, using the phrase repeatedly even though they knew it was wrong. This has now woven its way into the public consciousness as an evil brain worm. Amazing how close it comes to describing Mittens.

  4. I recently read that Kraft Foods is squawking about the Repugs war on food stamps..they say that 1/4 of their revenue source is from food stamps.
    Macaroni and Cheese anybody?

  5. Oh, let me amend that Repug war on food stamps comment…I meant their war on the down trodden, poverty stricken irresponsile parasites who use food stamps.

  6. Macaroni and Cheese anybody?

    Hey, Kraft makes a very nice “Homestyle” parmesan mac & cheese in a soft blue packet. In fact I have one on my kitchen shelf, maybe I’ll cook it up (and then go buy another) to thank Kraft for calling bullsh*t on the GOP.

  7. http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/crime/clearwater-woman-kills-her-two-children-commits-suicide-officials-say/1252920

    When you’ve had enough!…Reminds me of the death camp inmates who tossed themselves into the electrical fences when the burden of living became too much..I also think of the derivative trader who made a billion dollars betting on the collapsing mortgage market..appoximately 3 million a day if you spread it out over a year..and that Billion didn’t materialize out of thin air…it was somebody’s life savings..Destroyed lives.

    America, look where you’re going!

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