Mitt Romney Doesn’t Care What You People Think

Basically, he’s a sheltered, pampered, entitled asshole.

10 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Doesn’t Care What You People Think

  1. And we thought Nixon was a DICK?

    Mitt makes Tricky Dick look like Mother Teresa.

    I want video of Mitt in a meeting going, “I didn’t get a ‘Harumph’ outta that guy!”


    “You better watch your ass!”

    Willard Mitt “Dick” Romney.

  2. This whole election has me a bit nervous with karl roves hand in the mix(why the hell doesn’t he go away?) and this is one of the many , but most important reasons. Because mittwitt has shown he does not know when to shut up and stay out of things I fear for the education of our young people. I fear for the loss of that one outstanding teacher who knows how to really reach their students and educated them in a way that makes them thirst for knowledge and the loss of the potential great minds their gift failed to reach.
    Our gov, braindead, tried to end head start and PRESCHOOL as soon as he took office. He has no back round in education, let alone the needs of education for children and early childhood developement. I believe mittwitt would like to play with the future / education of America’s children on an even greater level. If his campaign is any example of how things he sticks his hands in wind up think of what he will do to education.
    And while those polls give us all the feeling it is ok to breathe, it only makes me afraid mittwitt and friends have a planned cheat in place. Be afraid- be very afraid.

  3. justme,
    I’m not just worried about that.
    I’m worried about possible (probable?) ugliness and violence if they DO lose.
    I think a lot of the righties didn’t think it was possible to lose this year, even with a sh*tty candidate like Mitt.
    And they thought they were about to regain the Senate, and keep the House. Now, the former seems unlikely, and the latter is in question.
    They may/will go crazy- especially if they lose the House, as well as the Senate and Presidency.

  4. I really appreciate this video. Romney comes across as another ideologue who already knows how the world works, and isn’t the least bit interested in learning anything new. In other words, he’s your average wingnut in terms of intellectual curiosity and tolerance for other ideas, but with a lot more zeros in his net worth.

    @gulag – it’s only going to get scary if the election is close. Which could happen (see Robert Reich’s Four Reasons Why Romney Might Still Win). Even if it is close, I don’t care how berserk the wingnuts get, the alternative with Android and Son in the executive branch for four years would be so much worse. If the election is more of a blowout, our side winning and doing well, then it will be fun watching the right implode. That’s what I’m rooting for. Pop!!!

  5. Maybe Romney doesn’t care about what we think, but I’m sure he cares about the price of his Costco membership. Ann says that when her and mitt go on their monthly Costco shopping date it reminds her of the first time her brought her home from the dance.

    All the other guys left her tied to the tree. ?

  6. A few things Mittens, and a lot of politicians for that matter, need to understand about education and teachers. One, if you have never taught, teachers think you don’t know s h i t about education. Period. If you then put us down in our area of expertise, we then think it double. Being a teacher is kind of like being a cop, if you haven’t been on the job, then don’t tell me anything about my job. And yes, there’s a lot of Dems in this category as well, including the president on a few instances. But Dems are WAAAAAY effing better than the r’s, anyday. Two, Romney and a lot of politicians talk about ‘education’ as if it were one entity. There are thousands and thousands of school districts, millions of teachers and tens of millions of students. Education is not ONE thing, anything. Statistics show us that if you go to school in a suburban public school in a blue state, you’re getting as good an education as anyone, anywhere in the world. If you’re in an inner-city or rural school, it’s gonna be pretty dicey. If those are in a red state, you’re screwed. Here in cheeseland, we lead the country in graduation rate, and just slipped to second in ACT scores (after being number one for a number of years). And that’s even with Milwaukee, which has its issues. Yet, Scottie Walker has decided to try and come in and ‘reform’ things. How about you try and do something with Milwaukee, and leave the rest of us alone. Nothing is broken, so nothing to fix here.

  7. “I’m worried about possible (probable?) ugliness and violence if they DO lose.” I keep asking myself, if they really wanted to win, why was EVERY hopeful in the primary an F*ing idiot (except Huntsman). They MUST have something up their sleeves– an October Surprise or something.

  8. Willard doesn’t really get this whole “campaigning” thing, does he? He thinks he’s interviewing the American people to see if we’re good enough to be his subjects.

    It’s like he’s so used to being the boss his entire life he’s incapable of listening to anyone not in his income bracket.

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