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Here’s another new Obama ad —

Meanwhile, here’s another blast from Mitt Romney’s past, talking about “harvesting” the companies Bain buys —

Charles Pierce has dubbed Mittens the “international harvester.”

Reminds me of one of the President’s earlier ads, which ended with the tag line “Romney is not the solution; he’s the problem,” or some such.

See Adam Hanft, “Bain Brain: How Managing Like a CEO Has Led Romney Astray.” This is spot on. In brief, Mittens has a set of skills that served him well in business but which don’t work with political campaigns. Or governing, either, I suspect.

And see Steve M., “Mitt Romney Makes a Hostage Video.” You will enjoy this.

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  1. People often ask me, “Charlie, where do you come up with the many fine shorthand nicknames for our politicians that you use in your blog?” (Actually, only one person ever has asked me that, and I suspect he was doing some sort of personality evaluation because he bit down so hard on a pencil that he broke three teeth.)

    If Dave Barry and John Cleese had some sort of magnificent, unholy love child, it would be Charles Pierce.

  2. Harvest?

    Didn’t Stalin have 5 years plans for “harvests,” leading up to “The Harvest of Sorrows in the Ukraine?”

  3. OT, sort of. Got an email from Barbara Boxer, who is calling on the Justice Dept to enforce Voting Rights laws. This is in response to a story in the LA Times about “True the Vote” – a Tea Party offshoot that’s trying to intimidate voters:

    Dear Assistant Attorney General Perez:

    I have enclosed a very disturbing article from the Los Angeles Times, which details an organized effort in Ohio to question the voting rights of thousands of Americans.

    As you know, an organization called “True the Vote,” which is an offshoot of the Tea Party, is leading a voter suppression campaign in many states.

    The article highlights a woman recovering from cancer who received a letter questioning her residence and right to vote in this election. She was astounded by this outrageous charge as she had lived in that location for seven years.

    This type of intimidation must stop. I don’t believe this is “True the Vote.” I believe it’s “Stop the Vote.” …

    …Please let me know if you are investigating voter suppression incidents such as the type described in the Los Angeles Times and the steps you are taking to enforcing voting rights laws across the country to ensure free and fair elections.

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