Open Debate Thread

I’ll probably be back about the time the debate is over, but do comment away. I’ll check in as soon as I can. If you need to read live blogging I recommend Richard Adams at The Guardian, but of course I hope you leave comments here, and I hope not too many comments get stuck in the spam filter.

I’m back. I take it this debate is going better than the last one.

I’ve been reading comments and seen some of the highlight clips, and I am relieved the President won the evening. The clip of Romney being called out on Benghazi was priceless.

See Greg Sargent, “Obama Turns It Around,” and Michael Tomasky, “Obama Is Back.”

55 thoughts on “Open Debate Thread

  1. What’s worse than his Binder full of women comment was his build up to it.. The all caring Mitt found it in his heart to be concerned about women..”Why are there no women?”…He’s so sick in spirit that it defies description. I wish I could adequately express the loathing I have for such despicable human being as Romney..The best I can do is call him a viper like in the sense that the Bible refers to that type of being.

    Puke city with a capital P.

  2. Oh don’t forget St.Paulie de Paul..Serving the homeless from the shadows of humility. Mother Teresa should be ashamed of her selfisness.

    What we’re seeing in Romney and Ryan is the culmination of political deceit and marketing…Substance is out the window, and illusion carries the day, character and integrity fall by the wayside.

  3. I did not notice the handshake to be missing or not but he vamoosed conspicuously soon while Obama stayed to savor the moment.

    There’s a science in face reading the transient expressions and tics that even the most meticulous facade cannot conceal. I’m really enjoying some of them caught by still cameras or vid frames. He was really angry wasn’t he? Apparently he’s unaccustomed to being challenged and called out on lies — exclusively GOP debates and town halls pitch only softballs so he’s unpracticed.

    Media has been trying like the devil to keep the horserace close claiming that Romney stood his ground but at times it seemed more like he was wetting himself. They’re also saying that Romney does better when talking about the economy but the final debate’s on foreign policy so expect Romney to stray towards the economy whenever possible.

    Regrettably the third and final debate will have the same format as the first but that should not be a problem if Obama brings his “A-Game”.

    I’m really enjoying making the rounds to marvel at some sites describing the Romney win. Weekly Standard says “Not a Game Changer“. So much for the comedy sites…

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