Adventures in Voting

First off — this video is too funny. Watch the “scary Blank Panther” politely open the door for a couple of white ladies while Fox bobbleheads declare how intimidating he is. (H/t Tbogg)

Second, there’s been some kind of nonsense in Philadelphia involving, so the rightie bloggers say, Republican poll watchers kicked out of polling places and then reinstated by a judge. Since the only accounts of this I can find are on right-wing blogs and the also right-wing Washington Examiner and Fox News, we don’t have the whole story.

13 thoughts on “Adventures in Voting

  1. My favorite was the picture in ’08, where the two supposedly angry blah men were standing, and a white chick was so intimidated by them, that she was laughing into her cell phone.

    Hey, Conservatives – I’ve got something that will make you wail in terror:

  2. I love the part where he seems to be smiling and greeting someone and the “legal analyst” says, “He appears to be at parade rest or some sort of military pose.” Fox news watchers must spend most of their lives scared out of their wits.

    Well, maybe he should be wearing camo and have a confederate battle flag patch on his cap like the legitimate poll watchers.

  3. Generally if someone is kicked out of a polling place, it’s because they were breaking the law.

    And honestly, I don’t see how the vote suppressors can continue to pretend this is not about the ethnicity of a voter.

  4. Yes, he’s standing at what appears to be “parade Rest”, which scares the living fuck out of me becaues it’s a MILITARY position, I prefer the missionary position with MAH black men….And there’s that omnipresent FOX ALERT!!! at the bottom right..ALERT,ALERT,ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH FUCK, RAPTURE ANY MOMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    More frightening than a creek full of plastic crocodiles.

  5. …and that’s to say it’s OK to post phoney election dates and precincts or is it that this is the only shenanigans they can claim? Maybe he was waiting on his wife before voting. I suppose they didn’t interview him either because they were wetting themselves or they were afraid he might be as harmless as a fly. This is laughable on so many counts. Their fear of blackness is palpable. But no doubt it works on some.

  6. You picked three winners erinyes.

    I remember seeing Lyle Lovett on TV after his first album came out. He sang “If I had a Boat” and he prefaced it by saying, he really had a lot of admiration for Dale Evans and he didn’t mean any disrespect to her, but the line about “marryin’ old Dale” just fit in the song so well, he couldn’t change it. I thought that made him seem like a pretty good guy.

    I don’t play piano, but I have always like Randy Newman’s style. He chord voicings are really evocative.

  7. “He looks to be at parade rest……. That’s not the norm in America”

    Translation: what the hell is a niggra in a black beret doing monitoring the polls?

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