Loser: Karl Rove

I’m having way too much fun checking out the right-wing bloggers who so confidently believed in the coming Romney wave. I take it I’m not the only one.

One of the biggest losers yesterday was Karl Rove. He didn’t just lose an election; he lost his aura as the guy who could manipulate American politics to his will. He controlled about $300 million dollars; his groups were the largest single outside group trying to swing this election. Big-money donors trusted Karl to give them the outcome they wanted. Karl was the inside guy who could pull the right levers and drive the right wedges and stampede voters to vote for Republicans.

He did not deliver. He didn’t even come close to delivering. All that “smart” money was pissed away.

Karl’s meltdown on Fox News last night wasn’t really about Ohio, or Mitt Romney. It was Karl being stripped naked and shown to be a fraud, and a fool. He obviously was not expecting to lose Ohio. He is not the all-knowing guru of politics after all.

I’ve long thought Karl was overrated. If you look closely at his background, you see that he made his reputation in politics by managing campaigns that picked off Democratic incumbents in southern states by relentlessly smearing them. It was cheap and dirty politics. He became a bogyman to liberals while working for the Bush Administration, yes, but to a large extent he was riding a wave of right-wing ascendency. But that’s over, and so is Rove.

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  1. “I’m having way too much fun checking out the right-wing bloggers who so confidently believed in the coming Romney wave”

    I too have been gorging on right-wing hate all day, it has ben both sickening and wonderful. Oh got to go time for Hannity!!!!!

  2. Yeah, I think you have to view that Fox News thing as Karl not being willing to admit to himself that he took all that money from his Crossroads GPS donors and flushed it down the toilet, and his sweet super-PAC gig was about to evaporate. He was clutching at the straw that maybe there would be some kind of Florida 2000 situation he could manipulate to make it all better, that maybe they could engineer something, anything. But no.

    I’m amused by what the personal dynamics must be around that place, that Megan was willing to do the Letterman-esque walk backstage to go ask the numbers guys whether Rove was full of it. That’s not something you do if you like a guy. And some show-runner figured out they’d need a portable camera and a lighting guy. Rove must have pissed a bunch of folks off for them to dump on him that way. (hee, hee)

  3. OK, you’ve been surfing the VRWNBS, has the chant of a stolen election surfaced yet? If not, any betting people got a take on when that will begin?

  4. I’m grinning from ear to ear. Just watched Rachel Maddow who really enumerated all the liberal wins. It feels good.

  5. LOL moonbat! Love em! Luther is my man!

    Did anyone happen to see lil lulu’s comment section last night after her” keep your head up” speech? Even her own followers were turning on her, saying she just wanted them to keep buying more books so she could get richer.. they also said ” sure easy for you to say stay in the fight , your rich and will survive another 4 years, but what are the rest of us suppose to do?” Some flat out accused her of lying to them about the out come( like she knows anything). Most said they were ready to quit the fight and had had enough of being the water carriers for the right when they got nothing out of it.. it was amusing.

  6. Food for thought – while people always assumed it was Karl Rove who was George W. Bush’s brain, there’s now more evidence that George W. Bush was actually Karl Rove’s brain.

  7. A local hate radio guy actually admitted that there wasn’t wide spread voter fraud going on. A caller had called claiming that was how Obama had won the cheese state, but the hater said NO. Maybe some reality checking from the righties. Are they just now figuring out they’re being duped for their cash and Rove and Malkin et al are really just after your money. It’ll be short lived.

  8. Rove is that corpulent space monster like they had in old Star Trek episodes, the beast that grew stronger and more evil as it fed off the negative energy of people. Rove had plenty of angry energy sources with Bush, and even more with Romney, so he thought he would finally rule the world.

    Sucks to lose, space blob. Your energy source was sapped, all that support and money got flushed. Now go off somewhere and shrivel up, you disgusting creature.

  9. I’m not as appreciative of the zombie genre as Joss Whedon, but recently I read an excellent zombie novel by Max Brooks (son of Mel and the late Anne Bancroft), called World War Z. It brilliantly mimics an oral history a la Studs Terkel, and one of the post-apocalyptic interviewees is a guy called, iirc, “Grover Carlson.” Former presidential advisor, an incompetent, clueless, angry blowhard, who is now reduced to gathering manure in a wheelbarrow for a local power plant. My favorite chapter of many great ones. Young Max has inherited his dad’s penchant for social satire, tempered with his mother’s delicious subtlety. His sendup is how I will forever view “Turd Blossom.”

  10. One of the things that always drove me nuts about right wingers, is their preference for constructing some kind of ulterior, money-grubbing motive out of any altruistic cause – eg climate change scientists are only in it for the grant money – and so on. It is so satisfying to see this same impulse directed within their ranks – from the mega bux Karl Rove crowd at the top to the Lil’ Lulu bottom feeders.

    I’m not sure I could ever get into zombie lit, but World War Z sounds interesting.

    It’s not in the same genre, but I just saw Cloud Atlas, and recommend it. It spans about seven centuries going into the past and into the future, and is a complicated set of interweaving stories, with past lives hugely at the core of it, although not explicitly stated. Same actors (Tom Hanks, Halle Berry..) play many parts at different points in the timeline.

  11. Apparently, from some accounts, Turd Blossom (“W”s words not my own) won a large sum even in losing. The analogy I’ve enjoyed the most is one of a Japanese soldier found holed up in a cave on a South Pacific island some 20 years after WWII ended. So it was only a short time but the continued denial is almost that amazing. Word gets around much faster these days.

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